Racial Insensitivity At The Hands Of Toy Maker?

10/9/2015 12:56am EDT
Playmobil Slave Collar Angers Mother Of 5-Year-Old Boy
A mom was outraged to see Playmobil manufacture a figurine wearing a slave collar in an ensemble of the Playmobil Pirate Ship collection. Ida Lockett of Sacramento, California voiced her opposition to what her 5-year-old son opened up in the box.

In a report by Global Grind, the packaging came complete with a figurine that looked like an African-American slave. Enclosed were instructions on attaching a neck shackle to the character.

According to the report, the instruction manual shows a “dark-skinned doll wearing no shoes, ripped pants and a tattered yellow shirt and directs the assemble...

Ben Carson Held At Gunpoint In Popeyes Restaurant

10/8/2015 11:00pm EDT
Ben Carson
Ben Carson was in a Popeyes restaurant when he was held at gunpoint. This comes a day after he appeared on Fox and Friends stating that he wouldn’t have so easily cooperated with the gunman who killed nine people in Oregon during the UCC shootings last week.

Turns out, the GOP presidential candidate had been held at gunpoint himself once in Baltimore. The retired neurosurgeon was interviewed by Karen Hunter on Sirius XM Radio and shared his story. Ben Carson was in a Popeyes fast-food restaurant when someone pointed a gun at him.

"I have had a gun held on me when I was in a Popeye's org...

Male Student Defends Female Peers In Engineering Major

10/8/2015 9:00pm EDT
Jared Mauldin
Jared Mauldin wrote a student engineering letter in a university newspaper that spoke from his heart about the inequality of female students in the mechanical engineering major at Eastern Washington University in Cheney.

His words were inspired after becoming friends with a fellow female student and watching all she had to endure in spite of her amazing intelligence.

Today reports that Mauldin expressed his frustration at watching his good friend and study partner, Holly Jeanneret, a young woman whom he describes as having a great mind for math and aced her exams with ease. If she ever st...

Do You Want To See Kris Jenner Naked?

10/8/2015 7:36pm EDT
Kris Jenner To Pose Nude On Her 60th Birthday? See Why She Suppo
The rumor is that Kris Jenner is planning to pose nude for her upcoming 60th birthday. The momager looks pretty good for her age, so why not?

The star's daughters are known for taking their clothes off for various print and online publications and have been accused of having some plastic surgery (i.e., breast enhancements and lip implants) to get just the right look.

Jenner may also be getting some cosmetic surgery before she bares all for the camera.

Radar Online cites a source from Life & Style, who claims: "She’s working on a deal to flaunt her figure in a glossy magazine. She thinks ...

Was Porsha Williams Right About Ex-Husband's Sexual Preference?

10/8/2015 6:42pm EDT
Porsha Williams
Porsha Williams divorced her husband a few years ago and she didn’t know why he wanted a divorce. Porsha speculated that he may be attracted to men more so than to women. Kordell Stewart denied being attracted to men at the time, but Porsha was accused of being his cover. While he was married, no one ever questioned his sexuality. But after his divorce from Williams, rumors surfaced and Williams did nothing to stop them.

According to a new report, Porsha Williams is now dealing with these rumors once again as her ex-husband has been linked to another man. Kordell is making headlines again ...

‘Biggest Loser’ To Get A Brand New Feel!

10/8/2015 5:39pm EDT
Biggest Loser
Biggest Loser star Bob Harper has been with the show for years, and he is now changing up his role. He has been a trainer and a mentor, but now he is taking on the role as the host of the show. There aren’t many original elements left on the show, as Jillian Michaels has also left the show. Now, Dolvett Quince and Jennifer Widerstrom are now the coaches and they are helping people lose weight. But Bob is changing things up.

According to a new report, Biggest Loser star Bob Harper is now revealing that he is changing things up on the show and fans can be excited about watching this new seas...

Has Kelly Rutherford Lost Her Children?

10/8/2015 5:17pm EDT
Kelly Rutherford
Kelly Rutherford thought she had a fair chance of splitting custody with her ex-husband Daniel Giersch when they got divorced. She filed for divorce back in 2008, but she lost custody of her children and he moved them to Europe so she couldn’t easily see them. It has been a long battle for her, but she is now allowed to spend time with her kids. Kelly recently sat down with Vanity Fair and broke down the lengthy and excruciating details of how her children — Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6 — ended up living in Monaco with their German businessman father.

According to a new report, Kelly Rutherfo...

'American Idol' Star Calls Hillary Clinton 'Leaky Boat'

10/8/2015 5:11pm EDT
Clay Aiken Calls Hillary Clinton 'A Leaky Boat,' Praises Donald
American Idol star, Clay Aiken, once stood by Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House, but now he’s changing gears. He’s uncertain about her convictions and is now endorsing Vice President Joe Biden for the 2016 campaign, CNN reports.

Aiken, who was once a Democratic congressional candidate, calls Clinton “a leaky boat.”

"To some extent, I kind of feel like Secretary Clinton is a leaky boat at this point and that concerns me as a Democrat.”

Aiken is politically savvy and became known after his stint on American Idol in 2003, in which he placed second. He’s an advocate for spec...

Isabella Cruise: All The Details About Her Surprise Wedding

10/8/2015 4:29pm EDT
Isabella Cruise: All The Details About Her Surprise Wedding And
Isabella Cruise wed her boyfriend of less than one year, Max Parker, in an intimate ceremony in London. But why weren't her parents at the intimate nuptials?

The photos of the event were revealed in Australian Magazine Woman's Day, and showed Bella Cruise wearing a white mini dress with black tights and her bridesmaids, donned pink jumpsuits.

The event was held at the British city's Dorchester Hotel, Isabella and her new husband were all smiles. See pics from the event here.

Parker is a British I.T. consultant. While his new wife is a practicing Scientologist, he is not, according to Peo...

Billionaire CEO Says He'll Leave Country If Trump Wins

10/8/2015 3:43pm EDT
Barry Diller
Barry Diller says that if Donald Trump becomes the nation’s next president, he’ll leave the country or do something else extreme. The rich media mogul feels that the influence of reality TV has hurt the political arena.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the founder and chairman of IAC Interactive shares his views on Trump and what he thinks that he's doing to the GOP ... and politics as a whole. Diller says that he understands how show biz and New York real estate work. He insists that Trump is using an unimpressive mix of showmanship and business in his run for the White House.

Barry Dille...