Check Your Ticket! Here Are Tonight's Winning Powerball Numbers

2/6/2016 10:26pm EST
Powerball Winning Numbers Results February 6: Did Anyone Win $13
Are you feeling lucky? Check the winning Powerball numbers for February 6 below and find out if you won Saturday night's $136 million jackpot. If you beat the odds, you'll have more than enough money to host an impressive Super Bowl party on Sunday.

With no winner since three people split the $1.6 billion jackpot on January 13, the grand prize in the popular lottery game keeps rising. If there is no winner tonight, the jackpot will increase to almost $150 million for the next drawing on Wednesday, February 10.

Grab your ticket and scroll down to see tonight's winning numbers. Match all fi...

Playboy's Super Bowl 50 Party: Check Out Pics Of Celebs & Playboy Playmates

2/6/2016 8:57pm EST
Playboy Super Bowl 50 Party: Check Out Photos From Playboy's 201
It wasn't easy to get into the Playboy Super Bowl party on Friday night, but if you were one of more than 2,000 people who forked over $1,250 for a ticket to the bash, it's likely you were elbow-to-elbow with some Hollywood A-listers and a whole 'lotta Playboy Playmates.

Drinks are flowing at the @Playboy party

— EFFEN Vodka (@effenvodka) February 6, 2016

VIP: @EFFENvodka bottle service for @50Cent #PlayboyReveal

— Playboy (@Playboy) February 6, 2016

Friday night's Super Bowl 50 Playboy party was held in a park...

Watch Tonight's GOP Debate ABC Live Stream, Free Mobile Apps, TV — No Cable Required!

2/6/2016 7:08pm EST
Watch Republican Debate Live Online, TV, Mobile Apps: Start Time
What time does the Republican primary debate start on Saturday night, what TV channel is it on, and how can you watch the debate live online?

Watch the eighth Republican primary presidential debate on Saturday, February 6, when seven GOP candidates take to the stage at St. Anselm's College Institute of Politics, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Find the start time and candidate lineup for tonight's debate below and information on how to watch the GOP debate on TV, live streaming online, or on your iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Windows or Android mobile device.

Start Time: 8 p.m. ET

TV: Watch the deba...

CM Punk Doesn't Want To Talk WWE

2/6/2016 3:58pm EST
CM Punk Freaks Out On A Reporter For WWE Questions
Former WWE wrestler CM Punk signed with the UFC in 2014 after a really bad breakup with the wrestling company. And, he doesn't want to talk about it. Complex reporter Kevin Wong learned that the hard way when Punk became upset over some WWE questions during an interview.

Punk sat down for an interview with Wong last month at a New Jersey Devils’ hockey game. Wong says that Punk was agitated prior to the interview and showed no desire to speak with him. He continued on despite Punk's attitude.

Wong asked if Punk ever considered returning to the WWE like former UFC heavyweight champion B...

TruTV Releases First Trailer For 'Impractical Jokers' Season 5

2/6/2016 2:06pm EST
Video: TruTV Releases First Trailer For 'Impractical Jokers' Sea
The new season of Impractical Jokers begins next week, and so TruTV has released a brand-new trailer filled with clips from what we can expect when Sal, Murr, Q and Joe come back in Season 5.

The season premiere is called "Hell-Copter," and features the Jokers once again taking on the roles of unhelpful receptionists in an office waiting room, as well as visiting a wax museum to perpetrate some shenanigans with the various celebrity statues there. There will be two losers in the episode, both of whom will have to endure a helicopter ride they'd rather forget.

(Fair warning: the trailer do...

Super Bowl Hotel Robbed, Tickets Taken

2/6/2016 1:32pm EST
Super Bowl
Heather Holmes of Bay Area TV station KTVU reports that more than $40,000 worth of Super Bowl 50 tickets were stolen from Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

The robbery allegedly occurred when four men entered through a conference room in the hotel.

#EXCLUSIVE: More than $40K worth of #SuperBowl tickets stolen from @HotelNikkoSF. @SFPD says 4 men entered a conference room inside hotel.

— Heather Holmes (@HeatherKTVU) February 6, 2016

According to USA Today's Brent Schrotenboer, the average selling price, as of Thursday, was $4,879. However, many people are paying much more, purchasing ...

What Happened To Solange Knowles' Wedding Ring?

2/6/2016 1:25pm EST
Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles is a few carats lighter after losing her wedding ring during Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans. The singer's ring reportedly slipped offer her finger while riding a high-heel float and throwing beads into the crowd.

The Krew Of Muses, who gave Knowles the "Honorary Muse" title to recognize her contribution to the arts, wrote on Facebook: "Honorary Muse Solange lost her wedding ring between Toledano and Foucher. Reward if found!"

Knowles hinted that she lost the ring on Twitter on Friday.

My son said, mom I'm just happy YOU didn't fly off the float, & that your safe...

Chelsea Clinton Accidenteally Calls Bernie 'President Sanders'

2/6/2016 12:09pm EST
Chelsea Clinton
Chelsea Clinton accidentally called Bernie “President Sanders” when she was campaigning for her mother in Eden Springs, Minnesota this week. Hillary Clinton's daughter was in a town hall meeting when she made the verbal slip-up.

UPI reports that Chelsea Clinton was in the middle of a speech before the Democratic debate took place and referred to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders "President Sanders."

It was an accident that Chelsea was able to laugh at while she was discussing gun control … as well as her audience.

"We also need to strip away the immunity that President Sanders -- sorry Senator...

'Final Fantasy XV' Is A Game-Changer For Sure

2/6/2016 11:55am EST
Final Fantasy XV Latest News and Photos
Here we go Final Fantasy fans. First, it's worth noting that Episode Duscae, which is a playable demo for Final Fantasy XV, has nothing on the new RPG content in the Niflheim base battle teased at the Active Time Report recently.

For those who had the $60 bones to shell out for Final Fantasy Type-O HD (you know you did), you'll notice that the customizable characters' combat moves, the embodiment of magic blasts, warp ability, and kills are out of this world. Hands down, it's no comparison, and the Final Fantasy XV new release leaves the "seconding coming" footage in the dust, period.


Dog Sticks By Injured Brother In Blizzard

2/6/2016 11:10am EST
A devoted dog stuck by his brother's side during a blizzard that hit the east coast last month. One of the canines was shot days before the blizzard came through when animal control officers tried capturing the pair of stray dogs at a New Jersey park. The black dog lunged at one of the officers, which resulted in him being shot in self-defense. Luckily, the wound wasn't life-threatening and his brother was by his side the entire time.

ABC News reports that both dogs managed to escape animal control officers in New Jersey. The black dog's brindle friend was found by his side when they were ...