Pregnant actress Kerry Washington has been plauged by rumors that she's secretly a lesbian, but the star doesn't let the gossip bother her.

The "Scandal" star, 36, shocked fans when she married football star Nnamdi Asomugha over the summer, and she's now expecting his baby. However, the gay rumors persist.

The Advocate interviewed Washington before news broke that she was pregnant, and she explained: "It's interesting how much people long to fill in the gaps when someone in the public eye doesn't share their personal life. I understand their frustration.
"I like how people will post pictures of me with other women that I adore, hugging on red carpets, and say, 'See?' Are we so uncomfortable with love between two people of the same gender that we immediately label it as sexual?"

She added that she has "never been bothered by the lesbian rumor," and said, "there's nothing offensive about it, so there's no reason to be offended."

Washington began dating the NFL player in 2012, and they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Hailey, Idaho, on June 24.