The New York United Film Festival, bringing art and creativity together to create a united film community, will be held at the prestigious Millennium in the East Village on September 5th – 7th. The festival's focus is to bring together talented filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, thus creating a "United" showcase of creative energy and talent. This is a film festival for everyone, a place where art and community converge. A Tulsa native filmmaker, Jason Connell and his production company Connell Creations founded New York United Film Festival and recently completed their first feature length film "Strictly Background." This heartfelt and compelling award-winning documentary is based on the trials of 10 movie extras trying to make it big in Hollywood. Although he now lives in LA, Connell continues to run Tulsa United Film Festival – now entering its 6th year – and launched Los Angeles United Film Festival in '07. The rich tradition of screening humorous, touching and sometimes provocative films is reaching even more people than ever. This is one film festival you won't want to miss!

NY United is proud to present an amazing list of some Award-Winning Documentaries & numerous NY Premieres. "Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong" covers this fascinating underground sport and will kick off the festival followed by a "Beer Pong After Party." Next the weekend line-up begins with a "Cultural Awareness" series which consists of "2nd Verse: The Rebirth of Poetry" which focuses on teen poets from all over the world, "The Listening Project" uncovers what 14 different countries think about America, "2 Turntables and a Microphone" is based on the life and death of RUN DMC's famous DJ, Jam Master Jay, the film includes various artists such as Jay-Z & 50 Cent, closing out the day is "Eleven Minutes" which chronicles Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll's first fashion show from conception to completion.

The festival concludes on Sunday with an "Inside Hollywood" series starting with "Lights! Action! Music!" which covers the art of composing motion pictures and includes many famous directors such as Ang Lee, Spike Lee & Francis Ford Coppola, "Strictly Background" uncovers the intriguing world of background actors (a.k.a. extras) as they try to stand out from the crowd, "Hollywood Dreams" is the only narrative film in the festival but is the 15th from famous director, Henry Jaglom, and is about a young actress (Tanna Frederick) from Iowa trying to make it in the movie business, other cast includes Justin Kirk (Weeds) & Melissa Leo (21 Grams), and closing out the festival is "The Reinactors" which documents the individuals who dress as Hollywood film icons in front of Grauman's Chinese theater.

*Seating is limited, so get your tickets today!
**All screenings are $10.

There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers & cast after each of these films.
All films will be preceded by a block of amazing short films (10-20 min) to be announced online soon at


Friday, September 5th, 2008 - "Kickoff Film" & "Beer Pong After Party"

"Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong" (84 min) - 8:00pm* - NY Premiere
Mankind's thirst for competition has existed since the earliest days of civilization… as has his thirst for beer. Last Cup is an entertaining look at a sport that is slowly sweeping the country. Welcome to the wide world of beer pong.
*Encore Screening at 10:20pm.

Saturday, September 6th, 2008 - "Cultural Awareness"

"2nd Verse: The Rebirth of Poetry" (79 min) - 1:00pm - NY Premiere
This uplifting film follows the lives of 4 young bay area poets as they learn and grow by navigating the high energy world of Slam, competitive performance poetry.

"The Listening Project" (76 min) - 3:15pm - NY Premiere
This engaging film attempts to revive that lost art through engaging the viewer in a conversation with folks from around the world who are given the opportunity to voice exactly what they think of The United States.

"2 Turntables and a Microphone" (100 min) - 5:25pm - NY Premiere
This powerful film documents the investigation of the unsolved murder of Jam Master Jay, RUN DMC's groundbreaking DJ and producer, deftly revealing the history of hip-hop and mainstream rap along the way.

*The film includes various artists such as Jay-Z, LL Cool J & 50 Cent.

"Eleven Minutes" (103 min) - 7:50pm*
The humorous & insightful film chronicles, Project Runway winner, Jay McCarroll's yearlong journey preparing his first independent runway show for New York's Fashion Week in Bryant Park.
* Encore Screening at 10:20pm.

Sunday, September 7th, 2008 - "Inside Hollywood"

"Lights! Action! Music!" (57 min) - 1:00pm - NY Premiere
Some of the world's greatest composers and directors discuss the important link between music and images as they explain how to create a movie score in this documentary featuring Ang Lee, Spike Lee & Francis Ford Coppola.

"Strictly Background" (84 min) - 3:00pm - NY Premiere
A heartfelt film that explores the charm and determination behind some of Hollywood's hardest working actors, professional "extras". Following ten background actors, the film examines life on and off set as they attempt to make a living as a face in a crowd.

"Hollywood Dreams" (100 min) - 5:20pm
The tale of a young girl fresh off the bus from Iowa, who falls in love with a sexy and promising young actor, though their relationship threatens to complicate her own obsessive goal of becoming a famous actress. The film perfectly captures the delightful and desperate lives of those chasing dreams in Hollywood.

* The only narrative film in the lineup is written & directed by famous filmmaker Henry Jaglom. The cast includes talented newcomer Tanna Frederick, Justin Kirk (Weeds) & Melissa Leo (21 Grams).

"The Reinactors" (95 min) - 7:45pm - NY Premiere
This character-driven film interweaves the lives of self-employed individuals who dress as Hollywood film icons and forge a living one-dollar at a time, posing for photos with tourists in front of the famous Grauman's Chinese theater.