On "New York Goes To Hollywood," the newest rendition of New York's adventures, New York is given an apartment in Los Angeles and 30 days to get an acting gig or she'll be kicked out. Without the distractions of her crazy mom or her lap-dog boyfriend (still Tailor-Made, for all of you wondering), New York will try to make it on her own.

She put out an ad for a personal assistant. After two ridiculous interviews, including a girl who thinks she needs therapy rather than an assistant and a girl who is against premarital sex (wait, how did they get on that topic again?), New York finally settled on Lizza, who has had other clients in the business.

Lizza got her in touch with Barry from Barry's Bootcamp, who has worked with other stars like Gwen Stefani. First off, New York didn't even show up wearing the right clothes. She got the sweatpants part right, but she wore pumps and a regular bra, which, with her monstrous rack, was the worst idea she's ever had (aside from trying to act).

After getting screamed at by Barry for slacking off while working out, they headed back to the house where Lizza hooked her up with Mike Schwartz, the plumber in the editing industry, to help edit her reel to show off her portfolio. Mike decided he can finish it at his house, but the power went out.

When they called him the next morning, it wasn't done, and he was late. New York was freaking out, but they headed to ACME Comedy theater where her first audition would be staged. At two minutes to showtime, her editor showed up with the tape. When he rolled it, the first shot he put on there was of her spitting on Pumpkin. Super, super classy. She delivered her lines after the film, but none of the managers looked all that impressed. It's just such a relief to know that this show is only 30 minutes long.

The best part...after she delivered her lines all the managers went to the lobby to wait to talk to her. BUT, she took too long and they all left. Smooth.

Does anyone really care if this show airs next Monday? Honestly? Show of hands? Good thing no one can see your hands.

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Story by Kristin M. Koltz
Starpulse contributing writer