I practically never drive cars in real life any more, and I try to avoid them in video games. (Especially dedicated racing games.)

Which is probably why I missed the Spy Hunter franchise – save for one game – when it was popular.

It was a driving game where your goal was actually to take out all the cars (enemies) in front of you with all the insanely awesome tools and gadgets your car came with. Only in one game – the one I played called Nowhere to Run – did your spy Agent actually get out of the car. (And surprisingly look like The Rock!)

That game came out in 2006 (though a PC version came out in 2009) meaning it’s been six years since a new game has been out—an eternity in gaming!

But now, developer TT-Fusion is coming out with a brand new version exclusively for the two mobile consoles on the market—the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It will be out this Fall.

I recently spoke with Paul Johnson, a producer at TT-Fusion, about the upcoming game over email.

For those who never played a Spy Hunter game before, how would you describe the franchise?

Originally, it was an arcade release way back in 1983 when it became a massive hit. Since then it has seen many iterations over the years and grown a big fan base. The game puts the player in the driving seat, literally; giving the player the chance to show off both their driving and shooting skills. A fast paced driving action game where you take on the big bad guy and a horde of enemy vehicles, whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc and cause chaos (usually out for world domination)! 

You get to chase the enemy down in your G-6155 Interceptor Super-Car; it’s armed to the teeth, and can transform into a Speed Boat and an Armored Off-Road vehicle making it one tough cookie. Equipped with an arsenal of futuristic weaponry, both offensive and defensive, making sure you can take on any mission and battle any enemy that crosses your path.

What's your favorite Spy Hunter game?

I would have to say the original arcade game, as it holds many fond memories of being down at the arcades on a Saturday and pumping in coin after coin to re-enter the Spy Hunter world.

This is the first one since 2006. That's an eternity in gaming. Why do you think the time is right to bring the franchise back?

The chance to bring such a great and enduring franchise to a whole new audience was too big an offer to turn down, allowing both old and new players to experience the crazy and intense gameplay that is Spy Hunter. Also, the new handheld formats offered us a perfect platform on which to do so.

Why develop for portables like the 3DS and Vita and not for home consoles?

The 3DS & PS Vita portables suit the gameplay style perfectly, short sharp blasts of action; it’s a game played on-the-move. It also allowed us to exploit some of the portables extended features, such as the touch screen on the 3DS and the camera on the PS Vita.

What are some of the cool features for the game that fans should look forward to?

It’s all about the Interceptor Super Car; it’s packed to the brim with upgradable weaponry and a multitude of devices that will help the player. So have fun trying all the weapons and then equip your favorites and blast, ram, smash, race your way through all the missions!

Is the plot line connected to any past Spy Hunter games? Or is it a new storyline?

It’s an all new storyline, but the premise remains the same. There is always someone out to cause mayhem, and thankfully you and the G-6155 are there to stop them.

The only Spy Hunter game I played was Nowhere to Run, which actually let you get out of the car. Can we expect that in the new Spy Hunter game?

No, we have stayed true to the original concept on that aspect; the car is the hero and, rightly so, we believe the focus of attention for the fans.

Anything else you want to tell fans?

We have had the pleasure of working within a fantastic franchise, some great people and have had fantastic support from Warner Bros. We also have had the pleasure of working with Grammy-nominated composer – Ryan Shore! Ryan created the soundtrack for the game which is also due for release soon … out on October 9th!