Emma Stone stole the show at the opening of the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday night, wearing a long emerald green gown by Valentino with a plunging neckline to the premiere of her latest film, "Birdman."

The actress hit the red carpet alongside co-stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Amy Ryan.

"I learned more in this movie than anything I've ever done," the actress said in a press conference before the premiere. "As you're watching the movie you are inside Riggan's (Keaton) head. You have no idea if these people are actually having these conversations or if they're a figment of his imagination or if it's something he dreamed up. It's all this kind of transient, wild, incredible journey.

"You don't want to mess it up for the audience but you don't want to mess it up as an actor when you're shooting it. I learned more in this movie than anything I've ever done. I developed an eye twitch and I was terrified and when it ended all I wanted was to go back and do it again. I wish I could do it again."

The film is getting some early buzz for Keaton and Stone for their performances and is expected to be a hit at the festival.

The film also stars Zach Galifianakis and Naomi Watts.

Check out photos of Emma and more new pics in the slideshow above, and watch the "Birdman" trailer (which contans adult language) below. The film opens October 17.