While it was already pretty clear that Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) was not the mother, it became official in last night’s episode, “Landmarks.”   

I was very excited when I heard that HIMYM’s creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas wrote this episode.  Ted is said to be loosely based on Bays and Marshall (Jason Segel) is said to be loosely based on Thomas.  Bays and Thomas (pictured right) have written many of the best episodes of the series.  They have shown their talents with classics like “The Pineapple Incident” and “The Playbook” and powerful episodes like “Last Words” when the gang attended Marshall’s father’s funeral earlier this season.

The episode “Landmarks” centers around a hearing by the committee that will determine whether The Arcadian will become a New York City landmark.  Ted (Josh Radnor) had been torn between the girl he loves, Zoey, who was the driving force behind preserving the building, and his career; since GNB had chosen to build the new HQ he designed on the site of the Arcadian. 

In one of the best scenes of the year, the architect of the Arcadian appears to Ted while he is sleeping and tells Ted that the building has passed its prime and must make way for bigger and better things.  Ted originally thinks that it is just Barney in a costume playing a trick on him, but when he wakes up realizes that it actually was in his own head, and makes his decision.

When the head of the committee finally asks Ted, “Should the Arcadian be a landmark?” he pauses and finally says, “No, there are many great buildings in New York, and the Arcadian is not one of them.”  Zoey quickly runs up to the stage and plays a recording of a conversation they had earlier this season, in which Ted talks about how the lionhead stonework is iconic.  The committee chair asks Ted if that is his voice, as he confesses that it is.

I have to say that this whole ordeal was very suspenseful.  If you have been reading my reviews, you know that I have not been a big fan of the Ted-Zoey relationship.  The fact that Zoey would even bring the recording to the hearing shows that she was never trustworthy and that preserving the building was always her #1 priority. 

There was still nearly half of the episode left, and there was plenty more good stuff to come.  As it turns out, Ted also trashed GNB on the recording, so now Ted and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) who stuck up for Ted in the first place had their jobs on the line.  They needed a plan, and Lilly had just the thing.

Lily (Alyson Hannigan), despite her soft appearance, has shown she can be cutthroat when necessary.  Lily whispers her plan the gang, and it’s on.   They say that they have to find Arthur, the GNB boss, and unleash the strategy.

When the committee reconvenes, the chairman says that they were moved by Ted’s thoughts on the masonry work, especially the lion head.  He said that they were ready to declare it a landmark, but they received news that the lionhead had mysteriously disappeared.  In wake of the new events, the motion failed, and GNB was given permission to go forward.

Zoey confronts Ted outside.  Ted sticks to his guns and says that the Arcadian has reached its end.  Zoey storms off, and Ted says, “This is over.”

Bays and Thomas did not disappoint me with this one.  The jokes were funny, the drama was suspenseful, and the story was winding and surprising.  I can’t say enough how glad I am that both Ted is able to go forward with both his dream of adding to the Manhattan skyline and his quest to find the love of his life, the mother of his children.  I do have to admit that there is a little bit of a sour taste though.  The gang had to resort to some rather shady measures to get what they wanted.  Do the ends justify the means?

Next week on CBS Monday at 8/7c is the season 6 finale “Challenge Accepted.”  This episode was also written by show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.  For any fans that were curious, I have listed all of the episodes that were written by Bays and Thomas below.



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