How I Met Your Mother continued the lead up to Barney’s wedding with new episodes each of the last two weeks written by long-time staff writers. 

I particularly liked last week’s “Trilogy Time,” written by Kourtney Kang.  Ted and Marshall had gotten together to watch the Star Wars trilogy every three years, and it always prompted them to imagine what life would be like three years in the future.  Ted revealed that when the guys got together to watch it in 2012, it was the first time he had lost hope that his life would be better in three years.  However, in 2015 his life would be great.  We didn’t get to meet the mother of his children, but we did get to see his first child, although I guess technically we’ve already met her played by Lyndsey Fonseca in the older ted scenes.  By the way, did anyone notice they purposefully kept Barney’s left hand hidden throughout the whole 2015 scene so you couldn’t tell if he was wearing a wedding ring?

In last night’s episode, “Now We’re Even,” Barney sets out to make the night legendary.  By the end of the night, through no work of his own, it would be. 

Ted was living alone for the first time in his life, and was starting to enjoy it.  Too much according to Barney, who tries to keep him from spending his nights by himself in his apartment and instead do something legendary.  However, Ted refuses to come out.

Although Robin had finally landed the anchor job, she was still having trouble getting recognized even at work.  She gets excited when Sandy says that he wants her to get on a helicopter, but it turns out that it is just to do the traffic report.

Barney finally resorts to drastic measures and locks Ted out of his apartment so that he will go out.  He says that he will go down to the bar, but only so he can call his superintendant to get back in the apartment.  Down at the bar, Barney still wants to make the night legendary, and all of a sudden it is.

The report on the TV says that the pilot of Robin’s traffic copter suffered a stroke and she was now piloting it herself.  People on the ground are able to relay information to her, and she lands the chopper safely.  Robin finally got what she wanted.  Now she was that news reporter that landed that helicopter.

As the night winds down, Barney says that he really was trying to make the night legendary to distract himself.  All he can think about every night is that Quinn is giving some random guy a lap dance.  It would appear that Quinn will have to quit stripping for their relationship to have any longevity.  Would she do that for him?

Overall I thought this was good but not great episode.  There was a kind of silly side story about Lily having a sex dream.  I didn’t really care for it, but it was fun to see Marshall Manesh return as Ranjit.  I did especially enjoy getting to see Ted in a dress hitting on chicks, a challenge he accepted from Barney at the end of the legendary night. 

Looks like HIMYM is off next week.  The legend continues Monday April 30th at 8/7c on CBS.