In the “New Girl” season finale, CeCe’s big day turned out to be an even bigger day for someone else. That, along with a few pranks, a frisky badger and the rise of a new love triangle, made for a satisfying end to a hilarious and upbeat sophomore season.

The day of CeCe’s wedding found Nick and Jess in a happy and joyous mood. The two spent much of their time flirting with one another, to the disproval of Jess’ dad (Rob Reiner) and the annoyance of the other roommates. Winston and Schmidt were particularly annoyed when a more grown-up Nick refused to take part in their silly hijinks, which Schmidt coerced Winston into doing with him in an attempt to stop the wedding. Why would Schmidt even do such a thing, you ask?

Via “eye conversation” Schmidt was able to understand CeCe’s hesitation in marrying Shivrang, and he threw all caution to the wind with his funny—if not dangerous—pranks. It should be noted that any danger that came from the pranks was all Winston’s doing. A self-proclaimed horrible prankster, Winston had all but given up on physical jokes as he was just not good at them. But ever the loyal roommate, Winston joined in Schmidt’s shenanigans until he took it one step too far. This led the Winston, Nick and a badger being trapped in the air condition vents as they attempted to drop the badger on the priest. (Winston has a weird and twister sense of humor.)

Nick’s initial refusal to join Schmidt and Winston in their childish games lasted only two pranks, and even then he remained hesitant and unfocused. Jess had wrongly accused Nick of trying to ruin her best friend’s wedding day, pointing out and agreeing with all the flaws her father saw in Nick after mistaking one of Winston’s horrible jokes as Nick’s doing. The two ultimately made amends while trapped with Winston and the badger in the vents, and they even shared a sweet, tender moment, only to come crashing—literally—back to reality.

Jess, Nick and the badger ruined the wedding ceremony, but it was never meant to be. The crash served as a wake-up call for CeCe, who admitted that she was unable to wed Shivrang as she was in love with someone else. Shivrang, surprisingly, didn’t seem to cut up about it. In fact, he proudly professed his love for another woman—Elaine, played by guest star Taylor Swift. After a brief monologue about her love for “Shivy,” Elaine jumped into Shivrang’s arms and he happily whisked her out of the venue.

With Shivrang finally out of the picture, CeCe was able to admit her true feelings for Schmidt, whose “eye conversation” abilities were stronger than what others gave him credit for. Unfortunately for CeCe, Schmidt is still dating Elizabeth—at least for now. When CeCe and Elizabeth ganged up on Schmidt and demanded an answer and an end to this newly formed love triangle, Schmidt foolishly sprinted away.

As this drama unfolded for CeCe, Nick and Jess decided to call off their sort-of relationship. A tearful Jess indicated her true feelings, while a stubborn Nick turned to alcohol to swallow his. It took Winston, finally free from the air vent hell he was seemingly trapped in for hours, to make Nick realize the need to create something with Jess—whatever it may be.

After a passionate kiss and quick reconciliation, Nick and Jess drove down the empty streets of Los Angeles together, not quite in a relationship but not quite out of one either.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Nick and Jess will make it official? Will Schmidt choose CeCe or Elizabeth? With “New Girl” at a close, we have all summer to wonder!