The new trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation has been released online via Machinima, and it has more action than the first peek we got months ago. That said, there are some moments we wanted to break down.

Where's Duke? Channing Tatum had a starring role in the first film, but he is nowhere to be seen after the first moments. Did the writers go all-out and kill off a star, or are they keeping Duke's possible survival under wraps?

Political Cycle: The evil Zartan has become the President, thanks to some handy shape shifting capabilities. The trailer is wrought with strong political messaging, like the White House draping Cobra flags. Half the fun of this movie will be reading how blogs on both sides of the aisle try to spin the story towards their own beliefs.

General Joe's One-Liners: A worrisome trend in the two trailers is Bruce Willis' character Joe Colton's insistence to drop one-liners at any given moment. We had the "My cholesterol is kinda high" response to "how are you doing?" in the first trailer, and now we have Willis making a Girl Scout cookies order when three remaining Joes invade his house. It's okay to have some fun; we just want the character to be believable.

Overseas Destruction: In Rise of Cobra, the Eiffel Tower was demolished. Now, at the hands of Cobra, it appears that London is next on the list. Perhaps Cobra is displaying a nationalistic tendency, but it's odd that the victims thus far have only been other countries, not the U.S.

Ninjas are everywhere! We admit Snake Eyes is an awesome character, and his back-story was very interesting in the first film. However, a good portion of this trailer felt like it was for something titled 'G.I. Joe Origins: Snake Eyes." Not that we wouldn't watch that movie, either. We just hope the other action figures get as much love.