It's that time of year. You've checked out the new shows and by now you know if you love them or hate them. Networks are either ordering additional episodes of their fledgling series or quietly letting them burn off until nobody notices they are gone. And some networks stayed cautiously conservative by looking back to previous television icons and failing miserably (we are talking to you, NBC).

Check out the crop of new series and whether we think they should stay on the air or be put out of their misery. Let us know if you agree!


FlashForward - Keep it

ABC took a gamble on this show, and we are hoping it pays off. It definitely caters to a cult following by its use of Lost-related references. We hope it is a closet 'Lost' sequel or spin-off.

Modern Family - Kill it

Apparently, due to the success of The Office, comedies that are not the standard three-camera format think that they have to be pseudo-documentaries to be successful. Between poor writing and its decision to construct humor via vomiting over used stereotypes, this show needs a replacement.

The Forgotten - Kill it

Christian Slater has become a grim reaper of television. The premise is also weak. Stop trying to spin the crime drama - that is poor imagination, not "original programming."

Hank - Kill it

We love Kelsey Grammer, but even the great Crane cannot work his magic on this failure. The only thing it manages to do is highlight a narrative recession in the comedy genre.

The Middle - Kill it

We want to know why, after Back to You epically flopped, ABC decided to give Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer their own shows. Sure, they are good (him more than her), but all ABC did was manage to put them in the loser category again.

Cougar Town - Keep it

We hate it, but the audiences seem to love it. Well, at least, comparatively, it is far better than Courteney Cox's Dirt.

Eastwick - Keep it

This show is not nearly as good as either the original book by John Updike or the film version, but we understand that the shoes of Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Jack Nicholson are hard to fill.


The Good Wife - Keep it

This could not come at a more relevant time and it is well cast.

NCIS: Los Angeles - Keep it

Not nearly as good as its older brother; but it seems to pull ratings.

Three Rivers - Kill it

Enough with the sub-par medical dramas! Pretty soon we are going to see a medical show that centers around medical waste custodians.

Accidentally on Purpose - Kill it

The show was accidentally greenlit - or at least that what we believe.


Melrose Place - Kill it

We cannot say enough negative things about this show. In fact, we despise it so much that we would rather sit and watch a marathon of Two And A Half Men (ick, ick, ick).

The Beautiful Life - Dead on Arrival

Well, the network did it for us…

Vampire Diaries - Keep it

Cheesy and stereotypical, but a much better based-on-a-book-series attempt than Twilight. Oh, and there is the fact that the book series was written a decade before "Twilight," so those of you who think it is a rip-off-think again.


Glee - Keep it

No, "keep it" is not nearly as strong of a reaction. Please feel free to go forth and do whatever you wish, Fox. As long as Kurt and Sue keep us laughing so hard we spittake and the dialogue remains deliciously dark for a Fox network show, we will just keep begging for more. Oh, and thanks ahead of time for the upcoming Joss Whedon guest-direct episode.

Brothers - Kill it

We would like to bet on this show not making it past a full first season.


Community - Keep it

Like Parks and Recreation, no one seems to be watching this gem. Seriously. WATCH IT!

The Jay Leno Show - Kill it

Aside from wrecking television as we know it, Jay Leno is destroying his reputation. Soon people will realize that he is grasping for guests since smart rival networks are avoiding having their stars appear on the show due to conflict of interest.

Trauma and Mercy - Kill them both!

NBC is clearly pining for the golden days of 'ER'. Sorry, NBC, but separate shows focused on paramedics and nurses respectively are falling down the same waterfall as "Three Rivers."

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Story by Sarah Lafferty
Starpulse contributing writer

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