There’s another new medical drama coming to TV. What’s going to set Miami Medical apart from all the others? For one thing, it’s a Jerry Bruckheimer production, so it can be as intense and in your face as the stalwart CSI and Without a Trace franchises.

“This is a different way of looking at a medical show,” Bruckheimer said. “It's got a lot more humor, it's got the gallows humor.”

And Bruckheimer wouldn’t make a show about just any doctors. He likes to deal with the best of the best, in this case the Alpha Team of surgeons at a trauma hospital. “They're the Rolling Stones of doctors,” Bruckheimer continued. “I mean, they have to be the best of the best because they have 60 minutes to save a life. What does that do to you when you lose someone?  When you lose somebody, how does that affect you?  So these are really deep characters, dimensional characters.”

NBC tried another series about Trauma surgeons, and claimed the juicy name Trauma. Miami series creator Jeffrey Lieber says his show might deserve that title more. “I think that show should be called EMTs, which is really what that show was about, because they were guys in the field,” Lieber said. “Our show is very much about this concept of golden hour, which is the first 60 minutes after a trauma accident. If you did a little bell curve in terms of being able to save a life, in those first 60 minutes, if you can get to these doctors, these guys here, the odds of saving your life are way up here on the bell curve. Then the minute you hit that 60-minute mark, it starts to drop precipitously.”

And I thought I had deadlines. Lieber added, “So it's really about how do people, doctors, people who are faced with that line between life and death in everyday, how do they do what they do for a living, and then how do you go home and just live a life?”

Miami Medical starts April 2 on CBS.

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