A number of rap and hip-hop albums come out this week including ones from Fat Joe, The Game and Akon. Plus check out fresh music from Damien Rice, Army of Anyone, Tenacious D and many more. Keep reading for info and reviews of this week's new CDs.

The Game - Doctor's Advocate
Toying with expectations and respect is the dangerous tightrope the Game walks brilliantly, and while this is nothing new, the fact remains that every track here is as good as or better than those on his debut. Read review...

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Crazy Horse at the Fillmore 1970
This was the original lineup of Crazy Horse featuring Danny Whitten, who would die tragically of a heroin overdose a mere two years later, making this a pivotal tour in Young's history. Read review...

Tenacious D - Pick of Destiny
It's easy but not accurate to call Tenacious D a one-joke band, since they do love one joke best of all: that they are the greatest band in the world. Read review...

(+44) - When Your Heart Stops Beating
On their debut, +44 has managed to balance out upbeat rockers and somber introspections to create a record that is thoughtful and composed, yet fun, and almost like the album blink could have made had they stuck together. Read review...

Akon - Konvicted
Akon hits on strippers (but does not fall in love with them), smacks behinds, and tends to go with what suits him best: bragging and seducing while delivering like-sounding hooks in his unique voice. Read review...

Army of Anyone - Army of Anyone
With its mixtures of moods, subtle use of genre-shifting, and powerhouse guitars, Army of Anyone breaks down the rock barriers, and fans should be joining up by the droves. Read review...

Damien Rice - 9
9 is by no means a failure, or even bad, but it dulls in comparison to what Rice can really produce, which makes it disappointing overall. Read review...

Fat Joe - Me, Myself and I
The Game and Lil Wayne are huge names in 2006, but that's it for guests, and it soon becomes obvious that just like the skeletal musical landscapes, this choice was made to make sure the man whose name is on the cover owns the album. Read review...

Sublime - Everything Under the Sun
The hardcore asked for it, so it's no surprise that the box is designed with the hardcore in mind. Read review...

More New Releases This Week:
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Cee-Lo - Closet Freak: The Best of Cee-Lo Green the Soul Machine
Clash, The - The Singles [Box Set]
Depeche Mode - Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1
Disco Biscuits - Rocket 3
Emmylou Harris/Carl Jackson - I've Always Needed You
H.I.M. - Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1
Joan Osborne - Pretty Little Stranger
Johnny Cash - At San Quentin (Legacy Ed.)
Nanci Griffith - Ruby's Torch
Staind - Greatest Hits
Yusuf Islam - Other Cup