One Tree Hill surprised fans everywhere with its 7th season return to the CW this September. Direct from the set in Wilmington, North Carolina, newcomer Robert Buckley is dishing the dirt on his character, Clay. The CW just announced it has picked up One Tree Hill for a full season.

Starpulse: So you have joined the cast of One Tree Hill after six seasons. What has it been like for a newbie on the set? Working with the cast?

Rob Buckley: I was pretty nervous joining a show with so much success after six years. I think I put enough pressure on myself. Luckily this is a group that get along really well and they put Shantel(who plays Quinn) and myself at ease right from day one which freed us up to have fun, so it's been a great time. My only quasi gripe has been the humidity down here, which has nothing to do with One Tree Hill.

OTH films in Wilmington North Carolina and fans have always been reported to follow the cast and storm the set in the small southern town. What is their reaction to you and the new character?

They have been so sweet and supportive. I was surprised by their presence because I have never worked on a show where fans would literally hang around set for 12 hours just to get pictures or say hi!

You are playing Nathan Scott's sports agent Clay, Now the last time I saw you, you were getting active at the Longines Center Court for Kids charity event in NYC playing tennis. Are you a sports fan in real life or did you have to study up for this one?

I am a real sports fan. I don't know how much tennis you may have seen me playing, (chuckles) but I am nothing to write home about. Sports in general yes, I have always enjoyed watching sports so it wasn't too much of a stretch for me. (With basketball) you sort of have to dive into that world. Some of the terminology I had to learn on the fly, especially with negotiating contracts but other than that I was ok.

So you could basically negotiate an NBA draft like a pro now? (Laughs)

Yeah I guess I could!

Can you tell me a little about your character? It was foreshadowed that Clay has a bit of a sorted past. Is it safe to say that this is why he is down on love?

His past comes to find him in Tree Hill. It will slowly be revealed in the coming episodes. You will get to see the people involved and what it was that landed Clay in Tree Hill and sort of emotionally distant from all of these women he meets.

Fans have started to speculate that Quinn, Haley's sister might change your opinion?

(Laughs) I have noticed as we filmed episodes that I do oogle her. I make silly eyes at her so I can see why fans are saying that.

Shantel VanSanten as Quinn and Robert Buckley as Clay in ONE TREE HILL on The CW © The CW Network, LLC.

Most of America got to know you as Kirby in Lipstick Jungle. It is only the beginning of the season and Clay is already in the center of controversy with Nathan's basketball career and his relationship with Haley on the line and the pregnancy! As an actor do you gravitate to somewhat juicy roles?

Yes absolutely. I like the fact that (Clay) doesn't have it all figured out and he is messy. He has his problems that he is still working through and some of them he isn't doing a great job at. I like that. I think the more layers you add to it the more fun it is to play as an actor and it's more compelling to watch as a viewer. I would much rather watch someone go through human emotion as opposed to always being under control. What you will start to see in Clay is that there are moments when he is not that cool, calm, and collected guy. Part of it is who he will be when he is not on.

Clay is not the only one who is controversial; One Tree Hill is pretty famous for being complicated and messy in seasons past, any details?

Well, we don't shy away from it is all I can say. Even in the beginning of the season you won't be disappointed.

What's up next for you? Any movie plans?

Right now it is full time One Tree Hill. All I do is exercise, sleep and eat. Ask me again when I get a break!

Well we are excited to see what unfolds in season 7 and the female fans are definitely excited about all the exercise!

One Tree Hill airs Monday nights at 8pm on the CW

Story by Rebecca Kristen

Starpulse contributing writer