ATO Records is proud to announce the release of Ben Kweller's third album on September 19, 2006. The album, simply titled "Ben Kweller," was produced by Gil Norton (Pixies) and is the follow up to 2004's highly acclaimed "On My Way" and 2002's indie-rock classic "Sha Sha." Like these albums, the new one is brimming with unforgettable melodies and deft craft, while it also expresses a deep, open soulfulness that could only come from one so sensitive as Kweller. Unlike the previous albums, however, every note you'll here on "Ben Kweller" was played by the man himself.

With "Ben Kweller," the 25-year-old native Texan wants to revive the nearly extinct tradition of the lone male rock singer. Harkening back to the days when Springsteen, Petty and Fogerty were writing iconic American music, Kweller strives to stand tall among the greats, writing Rock 'n' Roll music with infectious melodies over a bed of universal themes that longs to endure.

From the album's beginning, "Run," filled with snare drum, glockenspiel, electric guitar and piano hammering the same descending melody with jubilant tambourines to its hard rock closer, "This is War," one gets a sense that Kweller is after something classic. Few of his generation have the deep sense of craft and heritage to pull it off with as much success.

Kweller and his band will appear on the main stages of both this year's Lollapalooza Festival in August in Chicago and Austin City Limits Festival in September in Austin, TX.

More nationwide tour dates to be announced soon.

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