I’ve had a wireless thermometer for years and I absolutely live by it. Sure, I could use the free Weather app on my iPhone to find out what the temperature is outside—and more importantly, if I need an umbrella for later. But I’m old school. I open my blinds, I look for clouds and I check the temperature outside to plan out my day.

A relatively new product from Netatmo, however, is taking that old school sensibility to the next level.

The Netatmo Urban Weather station consists of two aluminum modules—one you place inside and one you place outside. The indoor one is powered by a USB wall adapter while the outdoor module is powered by 4 AAA batteries that should last you up to a year.

Both connect via WiFi so you’re going to want to have the outdoor one relatively close by. (I put mine on my window sill, though I was warned not to for fear of the device falling.) Those modules will also connect to an app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Those apps enable you to check the temperature when you’re not at home. So curious if you should bundle up before you get on a plane before you go home? Check the app.

The Urban Weather station is, of course, great for getting real-time temperature. But you’ll also get notification on air quality as well. While that might not matter for me in Hoboken, it might matter where you live. The data isn’t also designed just to be used by you—instead, you can help contribute to the Urban Weather Program “creating a wider network for weather data monitoring and pooling to help meteorologists [and others.]”

Think SETI at home for weather monitoring. Pretty cool stuff.

You might sometimes be overwhelmed by the data – I felt I was – so keep in mind, the Urban Weather station might really be only for the true weather geeks out there.

To learn more, visit www.netatmo.com. The Netatmo Urban Weather station retails for $179.99.

* Disclosure: A sample unit was provided by the company for the purposes of this review. *