Nellie McKay returns with a new album on January 3 entitled "Pretty Little Head." Featuring a kaleidoscopic selection of tracks culled from 23 new songs written by McKay for the album, Pretty Little Head premieres duets with Cyndi Lauper ("Beecharmer") and k.d. lang ("We Had It Right") as well as an assortment of provocative new compositions including "Columbia Is Bleeding" ("'s turned into a real rock tune..."), "Cupcake" ("...about gay marriage..."), and "The Big One" ("...about a tenant's rights activist...").

Working with a group of "wonderful musicians," Nellie McKay sings and plays piano (as well as cello, vibes, and synthesizer) on Pretty Little Head.

Pretty Little Head is the follow-up to McKay's critically acclaimed 2003 debut, "Get Away From Me" (a favorite in the Starpulse offices).

Also coming out the same day as the new album, is a live Nellie McKay DVD "Live at the Independent," recorded in November 2004 in San Francisco.

Track list for "Pretty Little Head":

1. Cupcake
2. Pink Chandelier
3. Big One
4. GES
5. Beecharmer (featuring Cyndi Lauper)
6. Columbia's Bleeding
7. Tipperary
8. Real Life
9. we had it right (featuring k.d. lang)
10. I Will Be There
11. I Am Nothing
12. Long and Lazy River
13. Down Low
14. There You Are in Me
16. Happy Flower