Jimmy Fallon continued his first week as host of The Tonight Show in typical Fallon fashion on Tuesday night, revealing another hilarious musical mash-up featuring NBC news anchor Brian Williams. Williams 'rapped' the Sugarhill Gang's classic "Rapper's Delight" via snippets from old news footage.

The host called the mash-up, which also featured weekend news anchor Lester Holt, "one of the best Brian Williams raps we've ever done."

The amazing thing is that between the two newsmen there were enough "hips," "hops" and "hippys" that someone was able to put all of this together in the first place.

Fallon, 39, took over his "Tonight Show" hosting duties from Jay Leno, who hosted the show for 22 years, on Monday, pulling in 11.3 million viewers. His second show drew only 7.4 million, still excellent in the ratings.