NBC unveiled some of its early development projects that have been green-lit for 2010-11, including a large slate of dramas such as "Prime Suspect," an updated version of the classic The Rockford Files, "Undercovers" (from J.J. Abrams), "Chase" (from Jerry Bruckheimer), "Kindreds" (from David E. Kelley) and "The Event." Comedies include the untitled Adam Corolla project.

On the drama side, Prime Suspect is based on the award-winning BBC series centering on a courageous female detective who investigates complex mysteries in a politically explosive big city. Casting will be announced later.

In The Rockford Files, the successful NBC drama from the 1970s is re-imagined by executive producers David Shore (House) and Steve Carell (NBC's The Office). The title character, Jim Rockford, remains a roguish private eye who tackles the dangerous, quirky and unpredictable cases that no other detective wants to handle.

The Event is a thriller with a unique storytelling device that features multiple points of view concerning a decent, regular fellow who battles against mysterious circumstances that envelope a larger conspiracy. Casting will be announced later.

In Undercovers, a domesticated husband and wife return from years in retirement and are re-activated as CIA agents. As they work together for the first time on new cases, they discover new aspects from their past - even as they re-ignite their passion for each other. J.J. Abrams (Lost, Bryan Burk (Lost) and Josh Reims (Dirty Sexy Money) are the executive producers; Abrams and Reims are the writers.

Chase is a new action-procedural drama from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (the CSI franchise. "Chase," based on a real-life group and set in the American Southwest, follows a crucial fugitive apprehension team comprised of U.S. Marshals that tracks down the nation's most notorious criminals. Tension builds as the cat-and-mouse game of the ultimate search escalates in each episode.

Kindreds, created by Emmy Award winner David E. Kelley (Boston Legal), follows a curmudgeonly ex-patent lawyer and his group of misfit associates as their lives come together to form an unconventional kind of law practice.

Love Bites is an hour-long romantic comedy produced by Universal Media Studios and Working Title Films. Writer Cindy Chupack (Sex And The City), Timothy Bevan & Eric Fellner and Shelley McCrory are the executive producers. Casting and producer credits will be announced later.

Among the comedies is the Adam Carolla comedy project that features the humorous radio and TV personality Carolla as a contractor who sets out to re-build his life following a divorce.