Each year, ordinary people across the country watch celebrities get into trouble, some of whom end up off the hook and some of whom land a trip to the slammer. Regardless of the outcome, they all stir Hollywood up and provide year-long off-screen entertainment for us. Here are the ten naughtiest celebrities of 2008, all of whom should be getting coal in their stockings this year.

Shia LaBeouf
It's sad when one remembers a celebrity from family-oriented entertainment and that person has now disobeyed the law more than once. The former Even Stevens star had his most recent run-in with the law in July, when he was arrested for driving under the influence.

David Hasselhoff
Hasselhoff has made quite a few appearances in the news this year, as his divorce from Pamela Bach has become very unpleasant. After filing for divorce, Hasselhoff not only took sole custody of their daughters, but also kicked her out of their California home.

Heather Locklear
Typically looking amazing for a woman of 47 years old, Locklear's mug shot was not so gorgeous. She was arrested in Santa Barbara for driving under the influence in September. The call to the police came from a paparazzi who was witness to the event.

Linda Hogan
Some celebrities were extremely naughty this year without even sporting a pair of handcuffs. Now the ex-wife of wrestler Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan is perhaps one of the most well-known cougars right now with a 19-year-old boyfriend. The boyfriend, who went to school with Linda's children, is nearly 30 years her junior.

Kanye West
West is no friend of the paparazzi. At a Los Angeles airport, West got into a heated argument with a paparazzi which won him a trip to jail. This happened not only once in 2008, but twice. Just two months after the L.A. incident, West was arrested on the same charges in London.

Amy Winehouse
This singer had a hard year, as she had trouble staying in rehab and staying out of jail. Arrested twice this year, once for a fight and once for cocaine, Winehouse is definitely not getting past the first step of committing oneself - admitting there is a problem.

George Michael
The former singing star is one of many celebrities caught with drugs this past year. In September, he was arrested in London for possessing drugs in a public bathroom. This came less than a decade after being arrested in a California public bathroom for another less than classy deed.

The rapper was not only busted with one naughty act, but three. In May, DMX was arrested in Arizona for possessing drugs, as well as identity theft and animal cruelty. His arrest, which happened immediately after exiting a plane from Miami, came right after being arrested in Miami for trying to buy drugs.

OJ Simpson
Although Simpson's naughtiness took place in 2007, he is very deserving of the title for 2008 as well. This year, he was found guilty for many felonies committed in Las Vegas last year, including burglary, assault and kidnapping… all with deadly weapons. This month, he was sentenced to at least nine years in prison.

Boy George
The English singer was found guilty this year for falsely imprisoning a male escort in his London home. Although he has not been sentenced yet, he probably will not get off easily, as he not only handcuffed the escort to the wall, but also beat him with a metal chain.

Story by Rebecca Kruse

Starpulse contributing writer