Imagine if your path into heaven was contingent on holding deadly snakes above your head while speaking and singing in tongues.

Following in the National Geographic Channel tradition of taking you inside the worlds of everyday people living unordinary lives, the new series "Snake Salvation" follows two pastors of this creed who frequently battle the law, a disapproving society and sometimes their own families to lead their faithful followers to righteousness.

For pastors Jamie Coots and Andrew Hamblin, the work is always hard, but always worth it, as to them, handling snakes is nothing short of a commandment from God. You can call them crazy, but they are determined to keep their tradition alive no matter the cost.

Based on a Bible passage that suggests a poisonous snakebite will do no harm as long as its handler is anointed by God’s power, devotees of this unconventional ritual don't believe in seeking medical attention after a potentially life-threatening snakebite. As was the case when Pastor Jamie Coots lost a finger after being bitten by a venomous serpent.

"Snake Salvation" premieres Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 9:00 and 9:30 p.m. ET.

WARNING: this clip is pretty shocking

And the gross repercussions of not seeking medical help after a snake bite...