Naomi Watts didn't practice her scream for her role as the damsel in distress in King Kong. The stunning actress plays the giant gorilla's captor Ann Darrow - famously played by "Scream Queen" Fay Wray in the original 1933 movie - in the blockbuster remake, and was told by director Peter Jackson her "pipes" needed to be loud and in perfect working order.

Watts insists she couldn't practice screaming because people don't screech in terror in real life. She said: "It's funny, the whole scream thing, because you don't really scream in real life. If there's truly anything scary, then you would almost swallow it. And if there's a mouse nearby, you'd squeal, 'Aaiiee!' Where does a scream come from? It's really movies - I think."

Watts also says there are far less screams in the new movie than in the original King King, or the 1976 remake which starred Jessica Lange, because her character is "tougher". She explained: "In the other two versions, I think there's a lot more screaming. There are screams in this version, but it's not all the way through. I don't know, maybe that's reflective of the modern woman. Yeah, she's a damsel in distress, but she's tougher and that's why she negotiates herself out of being killed."