Naomi Watts gave birth to her second child, Samuel, in December, joining 18-month-old Alexander. Now 18 hour days on a film set are the least of Watts' exhaustion.

"I knew that everyone goes through a monumental amount of sleep depravation, but you can never prepare for that," Watts said. "It's brutal. I had three and a half hours last night. It's not always like that. It's also just because we came from New York and the jet lag and one is waking up the other."

It's amazing she can even do the rounds to promote her latest film, The International since her mind is wiped. "I cannot remember anything. I cannot. I call it lactose lobotomy. I've literally lost half my brain. I don't know when it's coming back. Actually it was halved and then halved again. I go back to work on a film next week and I'm just trying to work out how I'm going to remember my dialogue."

Watts filmed The International right after Alexander was born. At least it got her in the habit of getting back in shape quickly.

"I managed to, at about the six week point, I started exercising again and got strong again. I'm always a pretty physical person, and so I didn't feel too bad, certainly not when you compare it to other things that I've done like King Kong."

The International is now playing.

Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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