Naomi Watts is finding it so difficult to juggle her duties as a mom-of-two with her career she's convinced she's "failing" at both jobs.
The star returned to work just weeks after giving birth to her second child, son Samuel, in December 2008, and shot new drama "Mother and Child."
But Watts, who's also mom to two-year-old Sasha, fears she's coming up short on both aspects of her life.
She tells BlackBook magazine, "Every single day, I second-guess myself as a mother. I chose to be a mom. It's something I've always wanted, but I feel torn between two worlds. I am not reaching the same depths and heights that I used to reach in movies because I'm a parent of two small children, who desperately need me. It's frustrating because I feel like I'm failing a bit on both ends."
But Watts is refusing to let her worries stop her from considering adding to her young family at some point in her future.
She says, "I would love to have an endless brood of children. I grew up in chaos. I feel comfortable in chaos."
And she and partner Liev Schreiber aren't ruling out adoption. She adds, "Whether or not I'll ever adopt remains to be seen, but I totally believe in adoption."

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