Music World Entertainment, the music management and recording label helmed by Mathew Knowles, has announced the launch of a new children's music series "Kid's Rap Radio", which features child-friendly lyrics and arrangement of popular rap and hip hop singles.

"As a grandfather, I'm very concerned about what my grandson is saying," Knowles recently told MTV News, explaining the impetus for creating the Kid's Rap Radio series, which is part of a broader spate of releases which Knowles has tagged as "Parental Approved." Knowles' 23-month-old grandson, Juelz, was the impetus for the new music brand, which recreates popular hip hop and rap songs without the mature themes and profanity. Knowles and Music World Entertainment are proud to be giving back to the community, Knowles commented. "This is the first-ever hip-hop compilation album geared toward youth. With the hip-hop industry constantly being scrutinized for lyrical content, 'Kid's Rap Radio' allows young hip-hop fans to be positively influenced by alternate, kid friendly lyrics of songs by today's top rap stars."

"Kid's Rap Radio, Volume 1 & 2" will debut as a double-disc collection on Dec. 5 and includes versions of "Go DJ", "Laffy Taffy" and "Touch It." The introductory release includes performances by the world's youngest rapper, Lil Max$o, as well as Steve Wash, formerly of "The Wayne Brady Show" and "The Parkers." As new volumes of the series are released the range of performers will also continue to expand. Also arriving in stores on Dec. 5 is "Kid's Rap Radio Holiday," which includes fun-filled versions of "Christmas in Hollis" and "The Christmas Rap."

Volume 1
1. D Beck Intro
2. Back Then
3. Wait The Whisper Song
4. Shorty Wanna Ride
5. Go DJ
6. Can't Stop Won't Stop
7. Shake Ya Tail Feather
8. Right Thurr
9. Why You Wanna

Volume 2
1. D'iablo Intro
2. It's Goin Down
3. What U Know
4. Grillz
5. Laffy Taffy
6. Touch It
7. Fresh Azimiz
8. I Know You See

"Kid's Rap Radio Holiday" track listing:

1. Christmas Rappin
2. Christmas In Hollis
3. He's Santa Clause
4. Dana Dane Is Coming To Town
5. I Wish You All Love
6. I Wish
7. The Christmas Rap
8. Tell Me A Story