Singer-songwriter Sia is a new singer from Australia, and her new album "Some People Have Real Problems" is a real must-hear. She's relatively new in the United States but already established a rather successful career overseas.

With four studio albums to date under her belt, many may be familiar with her single "Breathe Me" released in 2006, which was featured on HBO's Six Feet Under, bringing considerable more exposure in the U.S. Sia has also lent her voice to many recording projects for the Electronic dance act Zero 7.

Her style musings on "Some People Have Real Problems," which at times can be reminiscent of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, combine these inspirations to create an artistic personality that is all her own. Her command of soul-textured vocals is undoubtedly showcased on this album. "Day Too Soon" is the first single from the album.

Currently signed to the Starbucks/Hear Music label as an independent artist, Sia's latest album is truly a work in colors.

Story by Claudine Paul
Starpulse contributing writer