11.How many trophies did Adele win at the annual BRIT Awards ceremony in London in February?

a. Two
b. Three
c. Six

12. Which American artist scored a Number One hit in the U.S. with an album titled Born & Raised?

a. Maroon 5
b. John Mayer
c. Jack White

13. Which pop star released a perfume called Nude?

a. Britney Spears
b. Rihanna
c. Lady Gaga

14. Rihanna scored an international chart hit in November with her seventh record Unapologetic. What is the name of her debut album?

a. Good Girl Gone Bad
b. A Girl Like Me
c. Music of the Sun

15. Which star paired up with Muppets favorite Kermit The Frog for a hilarious duet on hit TV show The Voice?

a. Christina Aguilera
b. Cee Lo Green
c. Mariah Carey

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