We all drive a little differently. Some of us have a lead foot - we want to get to where we need to be quickly, while others prefer to feather the gas and take their time. Different driving habits often times coincide with listening habits. Whether what you're listening to is the cause of the actual effect of your driving, is an article for another time. 

But we do love music. And what's a car ride without some audio to drive to. So this week we're offering up a bunch of really great songs to drive to. We think that most of these will appeal to a wide variety of drivers, though some may appeal more to one type of driver than the others. 

So sit back, pull Youtube or Soundcloud up on your phone, and get ready to make a playlist for today's drive home.

Tobu - Infectious

This song is like a miniature blastoff. It's all energy, piss and vinegar wrapped up in a really awesome EDM shell. If you need to get home from work in an explosively good mood, don't be afraid to blast this song. Head-bobbing is guaranteed, but try and keep your eyes on the road, okay? Music is supposed to make the drive home better, not worse.  

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Kazzer - Pedal To The Metal

With a name like "Pedal to the Metal" there should be no explanation necessary for this one. As the song says, don't be surprised if your foot hits the floor on this one. If you can still hear your engine revving over your speakers, you're not playing the song loud enough. It won't make your car go any faster, but the ride home will be a little quicker nonetheless.

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DPB - Thinking About

Say you just got out of work from a shift that maybe lasted a little longer than anticipated. The sky is just turning purple overhead and the faint light of the moon is just starting to be visible as the sun sets. You know it's going to be dark by the time you get home. Thinking About is the perfect song to turn on and listen to on repeat for your long drive home. It doesn't need any words to mellow you out. It just gently helps usher your day away, and your relaxing night in. Enjoy.

The Presets - Promises

WARNING: This song is INCREDIBLY INFECTIOUS. The CDC recommends not listening to this in a crowd, as you are likely to spread the song immediately to everyone else surrounding you. Soon, everyone in the world will have this song stuck in their heads. Symptoms include incessant drumming on the wheel, attempting to sing in a pitch that you can't hope to reach, and uncontrollable head bobbing. You have been warned.

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Favored Nations - Setup

Did you ever want to feel like a getaway driver? There's maybe... two dozen or so words in "Setup" but the basis of the song doesn't require much thought. It's a setup. There's a mole. You got to get  underground, and fast. Just try not to attract the cops, okay? Thank you GTA V for introducing us to this awesome song!

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Joel Compass - Forgive Me (EMBRZ Remix)

Forgive Me is a pretty catchy little diddy. Joel Compass' original song was great, don't get me wrong - but it wasn't really a driving song. It was a little hard to follow, the beat was strange and it didn't have the rhythm to be driven to. The EMBRZ remix, however, takes all the weird pauses and timing out, and makes it a masterful driving song, completely obliterating some unnecessary choruses and vocals. This is a great song for any driving occasion.  

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James Egbert - You and Me

This song is best experienced if you have to commute through rolling back roads, or over scenic terrain. It has some slow parts that allow you to just put the clutch in and coast, but when the beat picks up, you're gonna' want to downshift and take some corners a little more quickly. We're not encouraging you to drive recklessly of course - we're just saying let the beat drive you, and you won't be disappointed. 

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Martin Mittone - UFO

I'm really not sure what makes this song such a great song to drive to. It's truly awesome to drive to at night. Unlike a couple other songs - this one probably is best for nightly highway driving. You're a little less likely to want to take hills and corners faster with this song. The tempo is relatively consistent through this song - and it's a good way to keep your spirits high in the relatively stressful situation that can be highway driving.

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Passenger - Caravan (Kygo Remix)

As if you didn't hear Passenger on the radio enough. This justifies listening to him at least once more. Kygo (or Master of Remixes, as I like to call him) has made 'Caravan' into a completely new form. He's kept the spirit of the song and respected the original scope of the song. But he's given it a 'Housy' feel that makes you just want to bob your head side to side. Drumming on your steering wheel is reccomended, but not necessary.  

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Karl X Johan - Never Leave Me

Karl X Johan is the modern recreation of Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins. The song has a really catchy beat, and plays a lot like a roller coaster. The song has a steady buildup, with predictable ups. It never really loses momentum - making it a great song to cruise to. It really shines on the chorus. I'm no Phil Collins, but when I turn the stereo on and sing my heart out to 'Never Leave Me' I swear I sound just like him. And you will too, once you give this song some time on your car radio.

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That's it for our list. What are your favorite songs to drive to? Leave some ideas in the comments!