Television history is full of medical dramas with everything from "Grey's Anatomy" to "St. Elsewhere." And medical comedies like "Scrubs" make us laugh at the usual scary medical situations. With all of the backlash including the show getting bumped to a later timeslot and the editors scrambling to edit the remaining episodes this show is finding a lot of controversy.

If you have recently taken advantage of cable TV deals you have probably came across this new reality nursing show. It only seems natural medical shows would make their way to reality television. MTV's "Scrubbing In" hopes to scrub in the ratings and entertain the masses with a look into the world of traveling nurses. The show follows cast members Tyrice, Chris, Fernando, Adrian, Chelsey, Michelle, Crystal, Nikki, and Heather in an Orange County hospital. Some of the nurses are seasoned travel professionals while others are trying the short term contract travel nursing for the first time.

"Scrubbing In" lets viewers see inside the world of travel nursing.  The viewers see the cast dealing with the everyday challenges working in an intense environment. Cameras follow the nurses' every move 6 days a week. They've traveled from their homes to sunny California doing normal tasks like cleaning cheap scrub tops and grocery shopping. It's not all surfing and sanding after work. Each cast member is outside their comfort zone, trying to make friends, trying to do their job and trying to live their own life surrounded by other nurses. After they leave the hospital, cast members are free to live their own personal lives with a camera in tow. Of course, their lives are never dull.

According to, the nurses say the cameras are not only capturing them saving lives, but living their young lives. It might sound like "ER" come to life, but some people aren't jumping in the nursing reality show bandwagon. Online petitions have gathered enough signatures claiming the show paints nurses in a bad light. A letter from the American Nursing Association President, Karen Daley, proclaimed disappointment in the depiction of nurses. The ANA claims "Scrubbing In" is hurting the reputation of nurses and will even lead to a shortage in nursing.

In response, the cast members say they are just having fun and living their lives. They also say that at work they are focused on work itself and would never do anything to jeopardize anyone's health. While the trailer shows the crew partying hard off the clock, they're wiping away tears working hard on the clock. The cast cares about their patients and has a life outside work. Most will argue it's just like everyone else's professional and personal lives without the cameras.

MTV cashed in on "Jersey Shore" with the fun lingo. Expect the same lingo from "Scrubbing In." Terms like "frequent flyers" who seem to enjoy trips to the hospital, UBIs or "Unexplained Beer Injuries" and B.O.N.I.T.A. or "Big Ol' Needle In The Ass."

The cast members are young, smart and hot.

Five of the nurses were friends in Pittsburgh before making the decision to take their talents on the road. The others are seasoned at travel.

Heather is the beautiful young nurse leaving her boyfriend behind to work. Chris is the ultimate bachelor. Chelsey is married, but wants to have a little more fun. Fernando is serious about nursing and doesn't like the crazy antics off the clock. Each cast member brings a wild twist to the show. It could be the hottest show on MTV, but don't expect to see too much medical drama. Laws restrict an open book to a hospital. Laws don't restrict open books to off-the-clock drama, fighting and drinking.