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-Two Wacky Interns Star in MTV2's Outrageous Animated Series, The Adventures of Chico & Guapo

It's time for off-the-wall humor and zany mishaps when "The Adventures Of Chico & Guapo - The Complete First Season Unrated" debuts on DVD September 12 from MTV Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment. The 2-disc set contains all 8 irreverent and hilarious episodes from Season One as well as 16 vintage Chico and Guapo segments from "The Orlando Jones Show," plus animated storyboards from deleted and classic shorts, a Director's cut cartoon and more!

"The Adventures Of Chico & Guapo" revolves around the comic misadventures of Chico and Guapo, two young interns striving to get ahead in the music business at a recording studio in Manhattan. A motley cast of characters includes steel-fisted but balding record exec Frank C. Angelo, washed-up producer Hank Holiday, feisty receptionista Concepcion, musical genius Cezar and visits from pop, rock & rap stars. Co-created by actor/comedian Orlando Jones (Drumline, "Mad TV," "Father of the Pride"), "Chico and Guapo" originally appeared in recurring segments on "The Orlando Jones Show" which aired on the FX Network. "The Adventures Of Chico & Guapo" aired on MTV2 during the Sic'Emation block.

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-"Wildboyz" Seasons 3&4 Set To Coincide With Theatrical Release Of Jackass Number Two

Get ready to take the trip of a lifetime with two of your favorite stars from "Jackass" when "Wildboyz: The Complete Seasons 3 & 4 - Unrated" debuts on DVD September 12 from MTV Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment. Wrapping up the cult hit franchise with the final two seasons, this no-holds-barred DVD features Steve-O and Chris Pontius going out with a bang, crash and squeal as they span the globe to embrace local customs, native inhabitants and indigenous animal species, wreaking havoc in their own truly inimitable way. Being released just in time for the long-awaited Jackass Number Two in theaters this fall, the "Wildboyz: The Complete Seasons 3 & 4 -- Unrated" 3-disc set contains all final 16 hilarious episodes from seasons 3 & 4, plus a glorious bounty of exclusive bonus material including outtakes, featurettes and more! The DVD set also boasts a ridiculous commentary track with the boys, Johnny Knoxville, Wee-Man, Loomis Fall and show creators Jeff Tremaine and Dimitry Elyashkevich.

From the jungles of Indonesia to Mother Russia, from Brazil and India to Kenya, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, the Deep South and California, you'll never look at the world in quite the same way once Steve-O and Pontius leave their mark on a place. Don't miss out on this must-own for all hardcore "Wildboyz" and "Jackass" fans! "Wildboyz" currently airs on Fridays on MTV2 as part of the "Sic 'em" Friday programming block.

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-"8th & Ocean - The Complete First Season" Comes From The Creators Of MTV's "Laguna Beach"

From the creators of the hit series Laguna Beach, MTV brings a behind-the-scenes look at the cut-throat world of fashion through the eyes of 10 up-and-coming models when "8th & Ocean - The Complete First Season" debuts on DVD September 19 from MTV Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment.

"8th & Ocean" features 10 young, beautiful people (Kelly, Tracie, Britt, Sabrina, Briana, Talesha, Adrian, Vinci, Teddy and Sean) living together in a hot beachfront apartment complex, hustling off to casting calls and client go-sees, while enjoying the seductive South Beach scene. Their agency, Irene Marie and its booking agents work to guide these naïve and often insecure models in the hopes of turning them into the next big thing. Exposing innocence lost, sibling rivalry, players and party boys alike, "8th & Ocean" keeps viewers riveted with a variety of storylines. The 3-disc set contains all 10 drama-filled episodes, a tour of Miami's hottest spots, an "Advice from the Experts" featurette, casting tapes, deleted scenes, a TRL appearance, MTV Overdrive segments and cast bios. The first season of "8th & Ocean" originally aired from March 7 - May 9, 2006 on MTV.

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