Oh, to be famous. The advantages of being a celebrity are copious. They get free meals and special tables at restaurants, VIP access to fancy hotel rooms and clubs, and have personal assistants to follow them around and obey their every instruction. They get clothes and gadgets sent to them "just because," and are actually taken seriously when they request things like a new toilet seat and a 12-foot boa constrictor to be in their dressing rooms before scheduled appearances.

Unfortunately for celebrities, however, fame isn't always rainbows and smiles, especially when there are cameras following their every move. In fact, almost every happily married celeb couple that signs on to have a reality show about them breaks up shortly after. Are the cameras some sort of curse, or are these celeb couples just doomed from the start?

Hulk and Linda Hogan - The stars of "Hogan Knows Best" seemed to be living the life on the VH1 series, but off camera, everything was quickly going downhill. Nick, their then-17-year-old son, was in a drunk driving accident and left his good friend with permanent brain damage. Hulk had an affair with his daughter's friend, and Linda is now dating a 19-year-old boy. Oh the irony. Didn't Hulk put a GPS in Brooke's car to track where she was going and continuously question any guy she brought home? The wrestler probably should have been focusing on the rest of his family because as of now, Brooke is the only one who is on the right track.

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