MTV's awards shows have become something of a spectacle in the last few years from controversial performances to surprise celebrity events leading up to and surrounding the actual show. That would explain why neither this year's MTV Movie Awards host Andy Samberg nor "We Made You" performer Eminem, had time to walk the red carpet at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios Citywalk last night.

Those that did smile and pose for paparazzi and walk the line of nearly 200 media outlets all hoping to steal a precious few minutes with the talent included the other musical act, Kings of Leon, as well as the UK rapper Big Pak, best known in the states for his Orbit commercials. Needless to say, Orbit gum was handed to the fans seated in the bleachers.

The stars of Twilight were humble when asked how they felt about being the fan and odds favorite to sweep the show in wins. Michael Welch simply shook his head and said it was wishful thinking, while Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene told Starpulse that they actually really enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire as well. Producer Mark Morgan admitted he was loving the ride "Twilight" has put him on and that he hopes to stay in the young adult genre for a while. Director Catherine Hardwick and young stars Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli (also there to promote Showtime's Nurse Jackie), Kristen Stewart all sped down the carpet in the final minutes before the show was to start.

Sacha Baron Cohen walked the red carpet as his newest alter ego, Bruno, in only a leopard print onesie, while Will Ferrell and Danny McBride stayed close to each other's sides. Ferrell did give a wave and a shout out to USC when this Starpulse reporter yelled that we both shared the alma mater.

Though Sienna Miller posed for photos with Channing Tatum, they entered the amphitheatre separately, and without her stopping to give interviews. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens walked the red carpet separately, with Hudgens stopping to pose with some young fans in the bleachers.

Paris Hilton talked briefly about the MTV documentary of her life that will grace our screens in a few short weeks, and the second season of her "New BFF" show that will debut even sooner. Doug Reinhardt did his best to smile and nod while reporters virtually ignored him.

Image © AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Jon Voight brought a little touch of class to the afternoon; Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds shook hands with fans as their publicists hurried them into the amphitheatre; Abigail Breslin was adorable (and age-appropriate!) as she waved to fans and reporters alike; and Miley Cyrus smiled at everyone, too, but was still trying to "play older" in a skintight, nude-colored, backless dress.

The stars who were most eager to chat on the warm Sunday afternoon were those of reality shows. "Real World Brooklyn" star Devyn Simone talked exclusively to about some projects she and the dog she adopted while on her season of the reality hit have in the works. She also admitted she turned down an opportunity to be on the next "Real World/Road Rules Challenge," as did fellow castmember Scott Herman.

When asked how they felt about the "Real World Cancun" cast, Herman admitted he had a good friend on the show and that it would "provide all the drama and partying that [his] season lacked." Herman also told Starpulse that he is hoping to get into film work, and his "dream role" would be to play Captain America. "I'm having a full suit made," he said stone-faced, leaving this reporter to wonder just how far he is taking his dream. "Malan from Project Runway is doing it," he said.

Image © AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

The stars of The Hills - from Stephanie Pratt to Lo Bosworth and Audrina Patridge - all stopped to chat about what to expect on the upcoming season. Whitney Port wore one of her own jacket creations and plugged her line and her website to any outlet who would listen, while Lauren Conrad was more interested in praising the wardrobe of those interviewing her than talking about her own work...which was oddly refreshing. Only Brody Jenner buzzed by in a hurry - and dragging his girlfriend Jayde behind him. An odd brush-off from the man who was so excited to be there, he was Twittering his experience in the limo just seconds prior!

Neither Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) nor Johnathon Schaech (Prom Night) held out much hope for taking home the "Best Villain" statue. When talking to Starpulse, Schaech could only shrug and admit that it was the first award he was ever nominated for, and he was "just happy to be a part of the event." Both men agreed the part rightly belonged to Heath Ledger, who was nominated posthumously for The Dark Knight.




Story by Danielle Turchiano

Starpulse contributing writer