In the last few years, biopics, namely music biopics have become a routine. It's only fitting that Notorious becomes this year's first.

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Almost twelve years after his death, Christopher Wallace's story gets the big screen treatment. But the journey from story to screen hasn't been easy. Notorious struggled in development and Training Day's Antoine Fuqua was once attached to direct. Many artists, like Sean Kingston, have made it clear that they had an interest in playing Biggie but none of this was proven as fact. Under the guidance of director George Tillman, Jr. the cast and script finally came together. Newcomer Jamal Woolard was cast as Biggie and the supporting players are a mix of new faces and the established, with the likes of Angela Bassett, Derek Luke and Anthony Mackie.

The biggest question on everyone's mind is what can be shown onscreen that we don't already know? The audience is already familiar with Biggie's rivalries and romantic drama. Now it's just a matter of how seeing how so many key moments are handled.

From the widely circulated trailer, it's evident that the film follows Biggie from small time drug dealer to Hip-Hop royalty. His marriage to singer Faith Evans and affair with rapper Lil' Kim both seem to have their share of screen time. So just how accurate is this film, really? Sean Combs and Biggie's mother have both come out in support of the film, but Lil' Kim has been very vocal about her lack of input, turning to Hip-Hop Weekly to tell her side. Early reviews have hailed the performances but criticized the story overall. Since everyone knows the story, let's just hope the man himself is given justice in Woolard's portrayal.

Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer