This week's Motive is one of the best of the season, because it expertly mixes the cocktail of everything that makes this show a sleeper hit: plotlines that are entertaining, expertly cast with tremendous character actors who blend seamlessly into the story, and those little scenes of development amongst the main ensemble that keep us wanting to spend more time with them. It all works well in "Pitfall," which tugs at the heartstrings from beginning to end.

At an accident scene, it's up to paramedic Stuart Fletcher (Callum Keith Rennie, who's so awesome he even made The Firm cool) to save a young boy. Before you get too attached to Stuart, though, we're informed that he's this week's killer. His victim is a guy named Graeme Jenkins (Adam Greydon Reid, Kristin Lehman's real-life husband), who is in the middle of skydiving - and winds up dead by the time he hits the ground.

Angie and Vega are yanked away from his father's wedding to handle the investigation, but Vega doesn't seem to mind too much, as he doubts the marriage is going to last. "Ten thousand feet does a hell of a lot of damage to a body," Betty comments, before we see Stuart making the death notification himself. Erm. That's a new one.

Flashbacks show us that the accident involving the young boy didn't go that well, as Stuart's been in the shower for over half an hour trying to wash off the blood. While he deals with his angst, our detective team investigates the skydiving crew and the hangar they operate out of. They get a vague description of a mystery man from one of the employees.

Angie then finds out that their victim had a high amount of opiates in his system when he died, and he had previously been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, which he discovered after being examined at the scene of an accident. When she's questioned, Graeme's widow adds that his life insurance policy covered them no matter what happened. That makes suicide seem a lot less likely.

The widow also tells our heroes that another officer had already notified her of her husband's passing - and gives them the name Turner. But Vega can't identify who Turner is. He's also surprised when Angie hands him a file detailing what went down between her and Mark Cross, and insists that he read it. Speak of the devil - Cross pops up moments later to get a status update. "What kind of killer goes out of his way to notify the family?" he wonders aloud, before telling Angie they need to have a chat in his office later.

The name Turner comes up again when Lucas probes into who last used Graeme's parachute at the skydiving school, and our eager junior detective (who is by now quite obviously infatuated with Officer Sung, because everyone's noticed) confirms that all of Turner's contact information only leads to dead ends. They ask the other people who were at the school that day to describe Turner, just as we get a flashback to Stuart at the skydiving school, learning how all the equipment works. Graeme's widow thinks their mystery man could have been the fake officer that visited her, but isn't definitively sure,  so the manhunt goes on.

Angie's previously requested meeting with Cross is because he's found out she pulled the file that she gave to Vega, and he's not happy about it, understandably. She brushes off his annoyance slash concern and leaves a minute later. Seriously, this man could not catch a break if he were on fire.