Michael Vick and Miss Teen South Carolina made the list, but not Britney or Lindsay. See which of the biggest stories from 2007 made the leap to the most popular costumes this Halloween on The Rundown, a daily briefing on everything that matters outside the office.

The costume picks were carefully selected by The Rundown editorial team, who determined that Paris Hilton in pinstripes will be popular this year because "prison is sexy." Rehab on the other hand, as Lindsay Lohan herself pointed out, is sobering. Though O.J. Simpson returned to the headlines this year, he was deemed "too retro" by the editors, who instead chose an equally notorious celebrity murder suspect: Phil Spector, whose frightful wigs are a natural fit for the Halloween season.

The consensus choice for the year's most ubiquitous theme costume for men in their 20s and 30s? Bret and Jemaine from HBO's cult hit Flight of the Conchords. "Anyone with a little facial hair can pull out their favorite vintage shirt, strap on a guitar and belt out Business Time," said Chris Kaye, Editorial Director of The Rundown.

The full list:

Pop Culture
Drunk David Hasselhoff (fast food burger, no shirt required)
Senator Larry Craig (toilet paper and appliance box for bathroom stall)
Miss South Carolina (scrambled world map or square globe)
Paris Hilton (orange prison jumpsuit and Bible)
Anna Nicole Smith (zombie makeup and toe tag)
Phil Spector (gun and just about any wig you can find)

Any character from "Flight of the Conchords," Superbad, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy or Transformers
Geico Caveman (tennis sweater)
Billy Walsh from Entourage ("Suits Suck" t-shirt)
Stephen Colbert (Lazy man's best bet: suit, glasses, flag)
D*ck in a box from SNL (box)

The Office's Jim & Pam or Dwight & Angela
Knocked Up's Seth Rogen & pregnant Katherine Heigl
Alec Baldwin & daughter
Kanye West & 50 Cent
Eva Longoria & Tony Parker
David & Victoria Beckham
Tom Cruise & (shackled) Katie Holmes
Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed
Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood
Amy Winehouse & equally hard-partying husband Blake Fielder-Civil

Michael Vick
Isiah Thomas & Anucha Browne-Sanders
NBA referee (money coming out of pockets)
Pacman Jones (stacks of singles to make it rain)

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