There have been sports movies shelled out to us in bulk that have made their way to theater screens and have successfully captured the hearts of audiences nationwide. "Remember the Titans", for example, was a movie best served sweet with the comedic presence and real life issues surrounding the integrated football players in the film. It successfully brought a tear to most of our eyes and stood as one of the best movies based on a true story.

"More Than a Game" stands as one of the sports movies that are one of a kind. The film is compiled of behind-the-scenes footage capturing the spirit of 5 Akron, Ohio high school basketball players. Unlike other sports films, this one is script-free.

The movie chronicles the lives of 5 young men who experience the highs and lows of brotherhood within the tough competitive sport of basketball paired with the increasing interest and rising celebrity of their star player, LeBron James. The players come from tough living and decide to focus their energies on a sport that requires team work, attentiveness, and good sportsmanship.

With the help of their coach who also happens to be one of the player's father, coach Dru Joyce II parlays his team to success by not only teaching them the fundamentals of basketball but most importantly the fundamentals of life.

More Than A Game © Lions Gate Entertainment

At a recent press conference for the film, LeBron James described the film as a movie that showed the true friendship and feeling of family his team provided for him. LeBron spoke very fondly of basketball and how important it was for him during his childhood by saying, "Basketball made us who we are today and definitely who I am today."

LeBron admitted that his name may be the reason why people come to see the film, but that the real star is Coach Dru Joyce II. He feels the lessons that Dru taught to the players will shine through the film making it very clear that the driving force behind the team came courtesy of Dru's tough love.

"More Than a Game" began as a mini-documentary that was supposed to be a project for the movie director's, Kristopher Belman, class in college. The project ended up receiving a grade of B and eventually the 10-mintute documentary evolved into 102-minutes of non-stop basketball; successfully chronicling the lives of the young Akron basketball players that played with courage and a dream tucked in their back pockets. Kristopher best described the film by saying that "the heart of the film is dreams."

To go along with a compelling film is the incredible soundtrack that boasts appearances from Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Mary J. Blige to name a few. Every song tells its very own story through the eyes of the artists that recorded the tracks that were inspired by the film. Notable songs on the album is the monster track "Forever" from Drake featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem; "Stronger" from Mary J. Blige; and "History" from Jay-Z.

This film is a definite must see for its compelling look into the lives of basketball players that have all the odds against them yet they channel their energies into a sport that not only encourages hard work and determination, but also the importance of brotherhood. Getting a look into the life of LeBron James before he was a household name was very reassuring. It just goes to show that with hard work and consistency, dreams really can come true.

"More Than a Game" will premiere in theaters Friday, October 9th. The movie's soundtrack is available in stores and online now.

Story by Samantha Greaves

Starpulse contributing writer