"The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll," which comes out today, reveals that more rock stars have died at 27 than at any other age.

Famous 27s include Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, and members of The Gits, Big Star, Badfinger, Grateful Dead, Minutemen, The Stooges, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Mars Volta, American Head Charge, Manic Street Preachers, and many more.

Starpulse broke the story late last year that Amy Winehouse is terrified of joining the 27 Club and Britney Spears is too, according to author and journalist Ian Halperin. Brit reality star Jade Goody's death last month at 27 marks the first inclusion of a 21st century breed of stars - the kind that's famous for being famous. In 2002, Goody gained fame and notoriety from her carefree attitude on "Big Brother" and lived in the public eye until she passed away from cancer.

The mystique behind the number 27 has deep roots and The 27s explores how the number pertains to modern music, pop culture, history, numerology, and the astrological portal that we pass through called Saturn Return.

To celebrate The 27s' release, the book's creators offer Starpulse readers complete access to the entire book for the next 24 hours. This visual journey through pop culture history is unlike anything you have seen before. GO HERE!

"The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll" is available through Random House today.