It's round two of "injured celebrities who try to dance!" I mean, Dancing With The Stars. This week more contestants were dealing with injury and insult.

Up first, Jewel's replacement, Holly Madison with partner Dmitry Chaplin. Holly performed the quickstep and said she was going for this week's "most improved" dancer. Len Goodman commented that her bust was too big and it led to some bad posture. Bruno Tonioli said she looked like she was chasing after a bus her legs were so frantic, and Carrie Ann Inaba felt like Holly and Dmitry didn't do equal work dancing. She got three 6's which made her combined scores from last week and this week a 36 out of 60.

David Alan Grier also wanted to improve from his dismal performance last week. His salsa was alright. Bruno said that he had the character right, but that his timing and hip action were off. Carrie Ann said that he lacked musicality and Len thought, much like with Holly, that there was too much of the professional dancing and not enough of the star. He received two 6's and a 5 making his combined total a 36 too.

Denise Richards had another problem this week, but it was more in the nature of not liking the inventor of the quickstep. Even though she didn't like the quickstep, the judges seemed to like her much better. Carrie Ann said she found elegance about her dance. Len said he saw much improvement and told her it was a job well done. Bruno, always a fan of the ladies, said that she had some great leg action. She received three 7's from the judges and had a grand total of 39 out of 60.

Belinda Carlisle was next to dance. She had her feelings hurt by the harsh criticism from the judges last week, but partner Jonathan Roberts wanted her to put more of herself into her dancing so she'd have more fun with it. Len said that he saw the fun, but that her hip action during the salsa wasn't there. Bruno said he did see some improvements and some progress, but that her timing and rhythm needed to be sharper. Carrie Ann lost all tact and told Belinda that she lacked grace throughout the entire performance. Even with the harsh words, she received three 6's and a grand total of 35 for the two weeks combined.

Next up, probably the most improved dancer of the entire bunch, Ty Murray. He said it was time for his redemption and to prove that he actually could dance. He and partner Chelsie Hightower shined. Carrie Ann said she was so proud of him and that the quickstep was excellent. Bruno said that his bull riding background was actually proving to help in the ballroom world with his posture. And grouchy Len said he saw a metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. He scored 20 points, making his combined total 34 out of 60.

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas were up next dancing the salsa, the type of dance innocent Shawn was "not allowed" to do ever before. She shook her hips with the best of them and left the judges wanting more. Bruno said the dance was charming and that he wanted to see more out of her. Len was pleased with how clean and precise the dance was, but he too wanted her to throw caution to the wind a little more. And Carrie Ann simply thought she was fantastic. She's already a clear favorite and received three 8's. Her combined two week score was 47 out of 60.

Steve Wozniak was charged to dance the quickstep this week, but found out about a pain in his left foot that hindered his dancing ability. He made it through the pain, but the judges thought he looked a little winded. Carrie Ann said he needed to work on his endurance. Bruno said he was very resilient and charming, but not a good dancer. Len also thought his antics were great, but the quality of the dance was seriously lacking. He got a score of 17 for the evening, improved from last week, but not that much. His grand two week total equaled a very low 30.

Real life couple Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks are still going strong, but their relationship may be stronger than their actual dancing. Chuck needed to be more comfortable with the feminine nature of the salsa, but he was pretty embarrassed. The judges were upset that Julianne did most of the dancing and wanted to see more of Chuck. Carrie Ann said she knows he has lots of potential, but needs to show it off instead of Julianne. He received a 20, making his combined total a 40.

Lawrence Taylor's competitive nature struck this week when he wanted to prove himself with the quickstep. Carrie Ann said this week he was much better and looked smooth and powerful. Bruno was pleased that he took the critiques they gave him last week and attacked it this week. Len commented on Edyta's difficult choreography and didn't think that he performed it overly well. Still, Lawrence received a 20, making his combined total 36 out of 60.

Another dancer may be out this week; Jackass' Steve-O injured his back during practice and landed on it during the dress rehearsal when trying to do a front flip. He wanted to raise the stakes for the dance this week, but Carrie Ann said that it was probably unnecessary since he got hurt. The judges based their scores around the dress rehearsal tape. Bruno said it was appealing, but the whole dance wasn't very salsa-esque. He said it didn't make much sense, and Len agreed. Len said that it wasn't a salsa and he didn't enjoy it. Granted, the scores were based off a dress rehearsal and Steve-O was at the hospital at the time of the show, but the judges were still pretty brutal. He only received 14 points, making his total 31 out of 60.

The night finished strong with three good dancers. Next up was Lil Kim and Derek Hough. Bruno called her quickstep uplifting. Carrie Ann said she was a fantastic performer and complimented Derek's choreography. Len, on the other hand, said that Kim and Shawn (who both received the same score) could learn a thing or two from one another. Kim could be more refined and Shawn could learn to be looser. Lil' Kim's 23 for the evening gave her a combined total of 44 out of 60.

Melissa Rycroft was second to last, but she came in second place when it came to scores. She performed a "real" salsa, as Len put it, which had him gyrating in his chair. She had it all going on, according to Carrie Ann and Bruno called it juicy. Melissa received two 9's, the first of Season 8, and an 8. Her 26 put her high on the leader board with 49 out of a possible 60.

And last, but certainly not least was Gilles Marini. After being on top last week, partner Cheryl Burke felt that the pressure was on to lose the sexy this week and concentrate on the sophisticated nature of the quickstep. Len thought he was great, Bruno called the two of them an unbeatable combo and Carrie Ann was one of the ladies who's been swooned by the good looking actor. He received 9's all around giving him the highest combined total, 51 out of 60.

It might only be a contest this season once we're down to Shawn, Lil' Kim, Melissa and Gilles…but its still very early. Anything could happen!

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Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer