Sarah Silverman fought for a third season of her Comedy Central show The Sarah Silverman Program. It was certainly worth the wait, as she has plenty of highbrow social commentary coming up this season.

"I get in trouble for peeing in a mailbox," Silverman explained. "Or what I thought was an old timey e-mail machine, a box for one of those old timey e-mails I think."

To be fair, she did know that whatever it was wasn't a toilet. "Knew it wasn't a toilet, that's true."

That episode also pokes fun at Silverman's penchant for calling people "retarded." "That is the episode where I find out I'm retarded, or I think that I am. I get sentenced to do community service with retarded adults and I think she's the retarded adult and the woman I'm paired with thinks I'm the retarded adult. We're talking so condescendingly to each other that we never find out. 'Do you like ice cream?' 'I love ice cream, do you like ice cream?' 'I love ice cream.'"

Perhaps it is a little more highbrow than it sounds. Silverman actually wants to include the mentally challenged, and is willing to do so at her own expense. "That was an interesting episode for me because I think standards and practices was so concerned with how we handled the mentally challenged. The truth is I think because standards and practices and all networks and stuff, especially in comedy, are so concerned of offending not retarded people as much as advocates of retarded people, let's be honest, that they don't end up getting reflected in any kind of form of media at all, fictional narrative media at all and I think that's much more of a shame, to just have them not exist in this kind of mirroring of society than to exist. Certainly I'm the idiot in any scenario on the show. We have a couple of the guys from How's Your News who I've become close to and they're so great. It was wonderful to have them around."

Also, this season is gayer. "It's very gay. It's very gay. Steve and Brian have an unbelievable arc this season that I'm really excited about."

The Sarah Silverman Program airs Thursdays on Comedy Central.

The Sarah Silverman Program Season 3 Trailer

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Story/Interview by Fred Topel

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