Over the years Captain Stottlemeyer has been one of most supportive and kind characters on the show "Monk." He puts up with all of the antics from Monk, not to mention Disher on top of that! He's had a lot of tragedy on the show, including his wife divorcing him and his girlfriend turning out to be a murderer, so it's about time the long suffering policeman got a break. A few episodes ago he met a pretty lady called TK (Trudy is her real name, ah!), and apparently it is now six months later. And he plans to propose. Really? Six months? Okay fine. Stottlemeyer deserves to be happy!

Monk figures out that the Captain plans to propose and tells everyone, so it really steals some of his thunder. Still, as Stottlemeyer always does, he grudgingly accepts this and tries to propose to her right then. TK tells him to wait for their special dinner and do the whole speech. They are adorable. The show then jumps to months later when the wedding is fast approaching. They're at a crime scene where a burned body was found in a park, and nothing can bring down Stottlemeyer's good mood.

He asks Monk to be his best man (AW) and then hands over the wedding ring so Monk can keep an eye on it. TK then asks her husband to be to help, because her best friend Stephanie got arrested for speeding the night before. She was picking up his tux and going to the caterers, so Stottlemeyer helps her out and gets his tux back. Things go bad for the happy couple when their home is ransacked, and TK starts to get threats over the phone. She's panicked and starting to wonder if she should marry a cop at all.

All that is left of the victim is a boot, but Monk finds clues anyway that leads him to suspect the man was a florist. They find a store where the clerk has gone missing. Monk gets a pretty plastic flower, and he loves it. He also throws Stottlemeyer a party with a pinata and only one beer each. What an exciting bachelor party. Everyone plays along and patronizes Monk that he did a great job. Stottlemeyer's car is set on fire, and then at the wedding rehearsal a gift explodes. This is too much for TK and she calls off the wedding.

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Stottlemeyer is heartbroken but Monk tells him not to give up. When Stephanie comes by to pick up the tux, everything falls into place for Monk. She was arrested not far from the crime scene. They have identified the dead guy as someone who used to be a part of an eco-friendly terrorist group. When they question Stephanie she pulls a gun on Monk. Then TK shows up, brilliantly, and she's taken hostage as well. Stephanie wastes her one bullet however and Stottlemeyer takes the gun from her. TK doesn't seem that bothered that her bestest friend in the world is a vicious murderer. Didn't she say they were like sisters?

All's well that ends well. The happy couple get married on the beach privately and TK has accepted that being a cop is part of who Stottlemeyer is. Yay. Wedding cake for all! It's nice to see someone on the show happy.

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Story by Chelsea Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer

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