For those not in the movie knowhow, there's a cinema that started in Texas known as the Alamo Drafthouse and it's famed for placing art draft tables in front of patrons and then serving a full menu.  (Plus this is also usually the location of Ain't It Cool News head Harry Knowles twenty-four hour film fest Butt-Numb-A-Thon!) In any case the Alamo and the good folks over at Mondo (the collectable art boutique arm of the Drafthouse!) have put together some tasty new posters for fans in celebration of Wes Craven's films - the latest filmmaker in their 'Director's Series'. (Past masters include Guillermo "Hellboy" del Toro, Duncan "Moon" Jones and Zack "300" Snyder!)  Check out the first of the craveable Craven posters below:







Both of the posters above will be on sale for fans to purchase beginning on April 14, 2011 for a mere price of $35.  (Hey it's art man!)  Follow up posters for Craven include "Swamp Thing," "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Last House on the Left."  Mondo has been doing amazing posters for a while (check out the ones for "Alien" and "Basket Case" - they rule!) and here's a chance to get them while they're hot!  For more info just go to - the Craven is king!