Why does Monday Mornings have to be almost over? There are only two episodes left after tonight and there hasn't been a weak one yet. This week's chapter opens with a Random New Guy getting 311'ed for giving a patient a lethal dose of adrenaline. RNG, whose name is Stewart Delany and who is played by Jamie Bamber's Hornblower colleague Ioan Gruffudd, does a miserable job of defending himself and gets fired, much to the shock of everyone else in the room, except for maybe Park.

Speaking of Park, he's brushing up on his English when Wilson walks into his office. Park immediately susses out that Wilson wants something, which happens to be "a little insight" into what he can expect at his upcoming deposition. Park tells Wilson he should be ashamed for sleeping with another man's wife and ruining his marriage. You have to love Park's honesty.

The one good thing about this development is that it means we get to see more of Jason Gray-Stanford as hospital counsel Scott Henderson, who's agreed to come to Wilson's defense. Before much can be said, though, Tina interrupts the pending deposition and asks to speak privately to her soon-to-be ex-husband, wanting to know what he's "looking to prove." Not that he doesn't have every right in the world to be livid or anything. Wake up, woman.

Meanwhile, Dr. Delany is made to face the parents of the patient he accidentally killed, with Hooten straight-up admitting to the distraught couple that she died because of their incompetence. Villanueva might be the giant in the room, but is there anyone scarier in this hospital than Hooten? Not by a long shot.

Elsewhere at Chelsea General, Sydney, Villanueva and Tierney are having a difference of opinion on their next case, that of a guy who tried to jump to his death, and Michelle teams up with Park to handle a patient. Neither of these things goes well, with Villanueva saying he might punch Tierney and Park declaring his patient braindead. He and Michelle have to break the news to the woman's distraught significant other, who asks to say goodbye, and wants to know what will happen to her organs. Though she wasn't an organ donor, he thinks she'd be happy if she helped save someone...as long as it's not the guy who tried to commit suicide, which conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Mark Ridgeway's lawyer wants to know the details of Tina and Wilson's affair, which apparently started "a little over a year ago," according to Wilson. Asked if it mattered that she was married, he hesitates before answering in the affirmative, and walks out when the lawyer wants to know how many times he slept with Tina. Henderson confronts Wilson afterward, saying that the case is very real and that it's going to have a massive price tag attached however the chips fall.

Frustrated by their inability to secure the transplant they need for their patient, Villanueva and Sydney are surprised when the jumper indicates that he didn't try to kill himself - he was pushed. This prompts the arrival of the police, as well as Fran Horowitz. Villanueva shocks everyone when he says that the patient's deadbeat father is the one who shoved him off the roof. "I guess he didn't want to be found," the Big Cat says, adding that Dad is in police custody.

With Henderson's words in his head, Wilson reluctantly returns to the table to finish his deposition, with the lawyer wanting to know how exactly he started sleeping with his married colleague. Henderson cuts off the dialogue after Wilson says he could name 20 other relationships or affairs at Chelsea General, realizing that the lawyer intends to go after not just the doctor, but the hospital. Furthermore, that wrinkle creates a conflict of interest for Henderson, who advises Wilson to find new counsel and settle the case before he gets "crushed."