It's fitting that with the word "legend" in the episode title, Monday Mornings casts a legendary actor in a heartbreaking tale of a doctor reaching the end of his storied career - and being almost the last person to realize it.

This week, Sydney and Lieberman are attempting to have a drama-free date, and it's not working. Their dinner is interrupted by one of his former patients, a guy named Frank who wants to reiterate the entire experience to Sydney - at least until he falls unconscious at the table. Considering that the last time they went out also ended with someone else's medical emergency, perhaps the two of them should stop going out for awhile. Just stay in and rent a movie.

Back at Chelsea General, Michelle is quizzing a swimmer about his headache before he collapses onto the floor of the ER, while Tina and Wilson are super-awkward around each other now that their affair has officially wrecked her marriage. She steps in to help Michelle with her seizing patient, as we cut to Park and the legendary Dr. Arvin Wayne (guest star Hal Holbrook) in an operating room. Park wasn't expecting company, and his colleague doesn't seem to know what he's doing there. The other doc wanders out of the OR in a stunned daze.

Once everything has calmed down Sydney and Lieberman explain what happened to Frank to a curious Tierney. Sydney diagnosis him with bacterial endocarditis, and breaks the news to Frank's disbelieving wife. Park informs Hooten about the incident with Dr. Wayne, and Tierney's eavesropping on that conversation, too. He chimes in that he's also had problems with the 85-year-old doc, but Hooten brushes both of them off.

Michelle still doesn't know what's wrong with her patient, so Villanueva takes a crack at it, but when he asks about steroid use, the young man gets defensive. Even after another round of questions about his medical history, there's no idea why he seized. "Should we call House?" Michelle quips as she, Tina and Villanueva confer in Radiology, but no one is amused by the joke.

They're arguing over whether or not to run a certain test outside Villanueva's lair when Wilson interjects, wanting to talk to Tina. He pulls her aside and admits he feels "a bit paralyzed" over her situation. "I so want to be here for you," he says. "But being a contributor to the situation, not to mention perhaps..." He asks if he's the catalyst, and she says no, but tells him that she needs some time to think (yet doesn't turn down a hug, because who would, really). What could've been a ridiculously sappy moment is thankfully ruined when Park walks in.

Wayne performs another surgical procedure, this one under Hooten's watchful eye. The two chat afterward, with Wayne blaming his iPhone for the earlier misstep. Hooten doesn't say anything immediately, but pauses before he moves on.