Later on, Wilson is explaining to a girl named Sandy the specifics of the procedure she's about to undergo. She asks him if he's any good, and he tells her it's exactly the question she should be asking, "and the one that patients never do." He subsequently admits to Tina that when Sandy asked that, he thought he saw Allison McDaniels, Quinn's mother.

Hooten tells Tina that the hospital is being sued by Francine Cash, just before Park informs Hooten that he tried to convince Tricia and her parents that she needed surgery, but couldn't convince them. Hooten decides to speak to Tricia himself, and they have an odd discussion about both her lack of a will to live and his piano-playing skills.

She reveals that she told her mother she heard God in a sonata, and that's how she ended up with the CAT scan that revealed the brain tumor. "I'm here because my parents refuse to accept what every other hospital has told them," she says. "I'm gonna die."

"Which is why we need to operate," he retorts. "Do you really choose to die?"

"I choose to live. Even if it's for a few months. I'd like to live without chemo," she tells him. "I want to spend all the days I have left with the people I love. It may only seem like a few months to you - to me, it's a lifetime. I'd like to live it." It's hard to argue with either side of the dialogue.

Elsewhere, Tierney is so impatient to get the organs out of the guy he thought was braindead that he asks Villanueva if he's dead yet in front of the man's mother. Once Villanueva points that out, Tierney wisely runs like hell. At least he gets to do his transplant.

Villanueva is next in Park's office with Hooten and Park, trying to convince Tricia's parents that operating is the right call. Her parents insist on respecting their daughter's decision.

In his office, Wilson reviews his notes from the Quinn McDaniels case for what likely isn't the first time. He makes the odd decision to phone Allison McDaniels, and he asks for a meeting with her, although he confides in Tina that he has no idea why. "Whatever you've lost, I don't think Quinn McDaniels' mother can give it back to you," she tells him.

She then goes out and promptly confides in Sydney that she's worried about Wilson. Sydney asks how serious things are between them, and if she loves him. "I don't know. Maybe a little," Tina admits. That sounds like confirmation that Wilson and the very married Tina are having an affair. It'd certainly qualify as the personal storyline they have this season. Sydney reveals that Lieberman asked her out. It's an awkward "girl talk" moment that doesn't really fit.

Thankfully, it's quickly moved past. Tierney tells the family of his patient that the transplant went well. He's shocked to see the donor's mother still there, and when he tries to tell her that her son saved six people's lives, she slaps him - accusing him of inferring that her son only matters since he saved the lives of more important people. Tierney acts like this has happened to him before. With his personality, it probably has.

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