Things are getting personal on Monday Mornings. The latest patient to come through the doors of Chelsea General is Villanueva's own son, Nick. "Who did this to you?" his father tearfully demands, but Nick is unresponsive. Almost the entire senior staff jumps into action, but Sydney kicks Villanueva out of the OR for being too close to the patient, and Hooten backs her decision. He watches every move as the two of them start operating. Tina, fulfilling her role as the motherly member of the staff, talks to Villanueva while he wonders aloud who stabbed his child. An angry Ving Rhames is never a good thing.

Elsewhere, Tierney is handling a kidney transplant between two sisters, explaining the steps to them before actually performing the procedure. Things seem to be going fine until they're suddenly not, with the receiving sister flatlining on the table. The normally callous Tierney is visibly upset at the loss of his patient, and tries his best to console the surviving sister. He asks her if she'll consider reallocating her kidney to another patient, but she declines, wanting it back. Tierney explains that's not how things work. "I want the kidney," she insists. "I want to take it home with me." Gross.

And Park meets with a famous concert violinist who's having issues playing the right notes. "Absolute pitch not necessary for musician," Park tells him, but agrees to run an MRI and see what's going on in the man's brain. When the test results come back, he spots a "very small" tumor that he believes he can remove. The violinist explains that he came to Park because of his alleged "extreme precision" and wants to hear that removing the tumor will restore his perfect pitch, but Park only reiterates that he can't give a specific assurance as to the outcome of the surgery.

Michelle tells Tina that one of her patients, who allegedly can't move his legs, stabbed somebody in a cooking class and now the cops are at the hospital. When Tina confronts the patient, he admits that he can move his legs "a little" but wants to wait until his lawyer gets there. When Tina tells him they don't harbor fugitives, he goes back to his original claim and asks for another doctor.

Sydney informs Villanueva that his son is going to make it, and explains that she threw him out of the OR so that she would be better. Because it's hard enough doing surgery without your patient's father, who happens to be physically imposing, standing right there next to you. After she leaves, Hooten comes by to comfort his colleague, saying, "We'll certainly be having a drink tonight. my friend."

Wilson finally arrives at the beginning of the second act, to express his amusement at Tina's faking patient. Villanueva, who's already in a mood thanks to his son's situation, strides into the room and confronts the patient, while a wary Wilson stands beside him staring in confusion. Villanueva tells the faker that there's a growth on his liver and watches him freak out. Moments later, Villanueva declares, "I got his confession."