Jimmy Fallon was treated to a double dose of "Glee" star power when Molly Shannon and Chris Colfer appeared on his show Monday night.

The former SNL cast member plugged her new animated sitcom, "Neighbors from Hell," which premiered Monday night on TBS.

"It's about a family from hell who Satan sends to live on Earth to stop an oil drill," explained the bubbly Shannon, who joined the "Glee" cast this season as a badminton teacher who rivals Jane Lynch's character.

"Sounds like great comedy," Fallon jokingly said on the show's dark premise.

Shannon and the "Late Night" host -- who worked together as "SNL" cast members from 1998 to 2001 -- chatted about Shannon's two children, and the suspect clowns she hired for the kids' birthday parties.

"He looked like a child molester," Shannon said, describing a sketchy, last-minute back-up clown with substandard face-painting skills.

"He made the kids look like French whores," Shannon said.

Chris Colfer talked about injuring himself on the "Glee" set while rehearsing for the recent Lady Gaga episode, telling the doctor he was "jumping on trampolines in ten-inch heels."

Colfer discussed the show's grueling schedule (sixteen hours a day, Monday through Friday), but assured that cast members are afforded bathroom breaks.

He recounted a particular incident of drinking "27 Diet Cokes," and unwittingly finding himself using a fake restroom elsewhere on the lot.

"I looked up, and realized there was no ceiling," he said.  Colfer had Fallon roaring as he described the nonfunctional toilet and sink, and the embarrassment of mistakenly relieving himself on the set of a TV show.

"It was the set of 'Monk,'" Colfer added.
New episodes of "Neighbors from Hell" air Monday nights at 10 p.m. on TBS.  Meanwhile, the "Glee" season finale airs Tuesday night at 9 on FOX.