Alright. Three plots.

Phil's dad is staying at the house with the Dunphys, since he's feeling down after he and his girlfriend broke up. Claire suggests that he see a therapist, but Phil insists that it's not necessary, and Jay backs him up. The three guys go out to a bar to try and find a woman for Frank to hook up with, and he does seem to really hit it off with this girl. However, instead of spending the night with her, he picks up a hooker and brings her back to the Dunphy house.

Phil is horrified, and tries to lie to Claire and say that the woman is the therapist, which leads to a hilarious conversation in which Claire talks about how much she admires the woman's work, etc. Meanwhile, also in the Dunphy house, Haley and Alex have been butting heads. They are still sharing a room, because Frank has been staying in the basement.

A decent plot, but probably the weakest of the three in this episode. There were some laughs, though.
Cam and Mitchell have been trying to plan their wedding with the help of their friend Pepper, but poor Pepper is being way too extravagant and over the top. When Cam and Mitch try to get him to ease up, he takes great offense, and it looks like Cam and Mitch might be stuck riding a unicorn down a purple aisle to get married. However, Pepper's assistant Ronaldo has some amazing ideas for the wedding, and Cam and Mitch basically cheat on Pepper with Ronaldo and start considering his plans.

In the end, we learn that Ronaldo has been harboring feelings for Pepper, and this has caused problems in their working relationship. It looks like they shall be happy from now on, however! The episode ended on a very funny note - Lily rolls her eyes and puts on headphones to block out the noise of Pepper, Mitch, and Cam all arguing loudly about wedding planning.This poor girl puts up with so much!

The best plot was Gloria's. She has been firing a lot of nannies, and Jay is getting increasingly annoyed with that. While at the park with little Joe, Gloria meets Andy, a male nanny, or "manny." This guy is insane. He's energetic, all kids love him, he helps the families of the kids he watches lose weight, and he problem solves for family disputes. Gloria loves him instantly. Jay thinks it's weird to have a male nanny, and there's a funny joke regarding the use of the term "manny" vs. Manny himself, who wonders if he's being replaced.

At first, Jay tells Andy that he can't work for them, but then something strange happens... Gloria is yelling at Jay and Manny, but Andy talks her down and she says that she'll try not to yell anymore. Jay, amazed, tells Andy that he's hired. The episode ends as he makes an inspirational speech, encouraging the family to get more exercise.
I really hope this character sticks around, because he was really funny.

So, in all, a pretty standard episode! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, nothing terrible happened, and I look forward to next week.