In a precursor to Halloween, Luke takes up magic, much to Phil’s delight. Even though Luke is skilled enough to vanish in a vat of smoke, he doesn’t seem to enjoy being a magician. Phil doesn’t totally understand, and in their exchange about the matter he seems to wish he had Luke’s “escape” ability. As Phil says, “There are two things I know with dead certainty: How to shoulder-roll out of a human pyramid and the dark arts of the Butler's Escape." Unfortunately, he’s not completely capable of the latter.

Meanwhile, Jay can’t stand Gloria’s pregnancy-induced snoring. However, he fears offending her, so he fakes a business trip to San Francisco so he can check into a local hotel for some shut-eye. Manny is bugged, too, by his mother’s noisy sleep and catches on to Jay’s scheme. Gloria confronts Jay and manages to finagle the hotel room for her own sleep.

After Cam realizes he needs to do something with his days, he takes on the role of a music teacher at Luke and Manny’s school. He imagines “slow clapping” at the end of a marvelous first day, but his condescending style is embarrassing at best, and even the teachers don’t want to sit with him at lunch.

Mitchell, meanwhile, has trouble keeping up with Cameron’s routine with Lily, even losing her in a grocery store freezer. Claire, who is dealing with Alex’s adjustments, comes to Mitchell’s rescue, but at a price: Mitchell calls her rather than Cam when things go awry with Lily. Everyone eventually realizes that it will take a while to adjust to the new circumstances.

Here are the most memorable quotes, courtesy of ABC:

Phil (after hanging Luke upside-down for the Butler's Escape): "Trust me, I know what's best for you. Now, watch your timing. In the stage version, the rope's on fire and you're suspended over a bed of nails."

Mitchell: "Here is your lunch."
Lily: "You spilled it!"
Mitchell: "Why is the top open?"
Lily: "Daddy always zips it for me."
Mitchell: "Maybe you should zip it."
Lily: "I heard that!"

Gloria: "You told me that you were in Frisco, and you were here in a hotel?"
Jay: "Let me just say one thing. Don't say 'Frisco.' They hate that.”