Petra Nemcova attended "The Impossible" Los Angeles premiere on Monday looking gorgeous in a strapless pink gown.

The film centers on the 2004 Thailand tsunami, detailing one family's incredible fight for survival. Nemcova was trapped in the country during the storm and her fiance, photographer Simon Atlee, was killed in the disaster.

Ever since the tragedy the model has worked to help fellow survivors of natural disasters. When she watched a screening of the film she was overwhelmed by its realism.

She told Entertainment Tonight, "It definitely had a huge impact on me... The first half (of the movie) is 90 per cent of what I've been through personally. I never thought that this 2004 Asian Tsunami could be captured in such a powerful and honest way. They did an incredible job."

"The Impossible" stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor and hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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