Actress Minnie Driver is set to show off her musical skills in new movie Hunky Dory by performing with a childrens orchestra.

The actress, who has recorded two albums, has never sung on film before and she admits it was a dream come true to combine her two passions.

She says, "Apart from singing the title track on the The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack this is my first time singing on film. It's the best experience I've had.

"It was incredible singing all the music from the 70s; I sang a Beach Boys song, I sang a Dusty Springfield song. My favorite was singing "Strange Magic." The orchestra in the movie were these kids from seven to 17 and they had been workshopping for the last three years.

"They played everything on all of the tracks. So you have "Life On Mars" by David Bowie played by these kids incredibly."



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